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Shreeka is a character in the 1987-1996 animated TV series. She appears in the episode Shreeka's Revenge, and is an extraterrestrial and former friend of Krang.

Shreeka claims Krang abandoned her in the Andromeda Galaxy, having stolen her powerful energy ring. She spent a very long time searching for Krang across many different worlds before stumbling across him on Earth. She took Bebop and Rocksteady as hostages and demanded the return of her ring, but Krang lied to her, claiming he had given her ring to April O'Neil.

Shreeka then heads to New York to take her ring back from April, but was hampered substantially by the two mutants with her. Upon reclaiming her ring, she attacked the Turtles by firing fireballs at them. However, Leonardo tricked her into catching one of those fireballs, melting the ring permanently.

Enraged, Shreeka tried to kill the Turtles before the building they were standing in collapsed. She took her final revenge on Krang by sending back Bebop and Rocksteady.

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