The Hot-headed Henchman Hot Rod!


  • Two detachable Shreddin' Missiles, Official Chrome Dome Design, Evil Engine, Side-slicin' Wheel Rims, Tenderizin' Turtle Scoop, Reciprocatin' Rude Rifles, Head Honcho Lights, Cunning Crosshairs, Rotatin' Turtle-Trackin' Laser


"When the Foot need a rest, Shredder takes the super-speedy Shreddermobile for a spin - that's how it got it's name. It's two tons of Turtle terror, tearin' the tar top and road rippin' the reptiles - the perfect pick up for quick getaways. You can tell this is the boss man's buggy just by looking at it's sinister shape . Notice the official chrome dome design and henchman helmet , accented by two detachable shreddin' missiles - guaranteed to strike terror into mutants everywhere! And what self-respecting world dominator wouldn't be proud of the rude reciprocatin' rifles (accurate to within 092157 inches). Of course, Shredder has added a host of personalised options - like the bouncin' Turtle head radiator and side-slicin' wheel rims, And the rotatin' Turtle-trackin' laser isn't somethig you see everyday, dude. But every hot rod has it's quirks - and this jalopy's no exception. The radiator rattles whenever Shredder takes this bad boy past the 500 mph mark (which, by the way, is all the time) So let's hope those nice ninjas hear Shredder comin' and stay clear of that tenderizing Turtle scoop, Otherwise, it's Turtle pancakes for the lot".


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