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An alternative version of the Shredder Elite called Shredder Mutants are a group of three crustacean themed mutants created by Baxter Stockman from Oroku Saki's DNA.


  • Attack of the Mega Shredder! - When the Turtles tried to break into Stockman's lab, they were stopped by the Shredder Mutants and were forced to retreat. Later still Leonardo and Mikey went to Shredder's lair alone, but Bebop and Rocksteady caught the two turtles and decided to mutate them. To stall for time, Leo convinced Bebop and Rocksteady to throw in more animals, and this gave them the idea to dump the Shredder Mutants into the mutagen as well. However, the three mutants fused together into one gigantic supermutant before Bebop and Rocksteady could add Leo and Mikey into the mix, and they escaped. Meanwhile the supermutant, which Mikey dubbed Mega Shredder, was rampaging through New York City. Leo and Mikey tried fighting Mega Shredder themselves but this only resulted in Mikey getting eaten. Mega Shredder almost ate Leo as well, but fortunately for him, April, Casey, and the other Turtles arrived in the Turtle Mech and rescued Leo. Mega Shredder was defeated when the Turtles cut off his tongue that also served as his brain and then launched an explosive barrel into his largest mouth. Just before that, Mikey escaped from Mega Shredder's insides by tricking a mutated sardine living in his stomach to launch Mikey up the creature's throat, and then breaking the super mutant's teeth to get free.

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