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Doctor Shreddarius
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(formerly) New York City




Dr. Shreddarius



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Super exoskeleton




Super Turtles (Formerly) Terrorkinetics

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Mirage Studios

First appearance

TMNT vol. 4 #7

Created by

Peter Laird

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Doctor Shreddarius or Dr. Shreddarius is the Shredder's counterpart in the world of the Super Turtles in the Mirage Comics.

Mirage Comics

Doctor Shreddarius, apparently was a resident of New York of Euro-Asian descent, a friend of a courrpt politician named Lucks and scientific director of his research department. He created an army of Terrorkinetics to protect Earth against an alleged alien invasion, but ended up double-crossing his partner. Secretly, Lucks and Shreddarius were partners in a plan to secure world domination by the fear of a fictitious threat.

Secretly, however, Shreddarius had feared a betrayal on the part of Lucks, and even made his own plans. He mutated four turtles in his lab and endowed them with super powers, so that they might serve him as bodyguards against Lucks. However, while in his lab, he was gravely injured from an explosion while experimenting with some chemicals. Shreddarius is rebuilt as a cyborg. His body was therefore set in an exoskeleton, which maintained his vital functions.

In addition to the turtles, a rat was mutated from licking Shreddarius's chemical wounds, who took over the training of the Super Turtles. His name is named Sliver, and serves as the counterpart to Master Splinter. Unlike Master Splinter, Sliver is evil because of his loyalty to Shreddarius.

Doctor Shreddarius and Terrorkinetics

Doctor Shreddarius and the Terrorkinetics

His friendship with Lucks grows along with their political relationship. Despite fears of Shreddarius, Lucks saw no reason to cheat his partner, and therefore changed Shreddarius task while continuing to use the Super Turtles against the opponents of Lucks' regime. Their only goal is to control the world, but their plot is soon revealed by Jonas Case and Neil O'Malley, scientists who once worked for Shreddarius. They revealed to the Super Turtles the true objective of their "benefactors" and the Super Turtles, who had always seen themselves as justice fighters, rebelled against Shreddarius and his ilk. Jonas and Neil lead a rebellion along with the Super Turtles to stop Lucks, Shreddarius, and Sliver. While the Super Turtles defeat Lucks and Sliver, Shreddarius escapes to fight another day and gathers the Terrorkinetics to start his vendetta against his creations. Lucks is now behind bars and the Super Turtles announce that the nation leaders now have control once again of their countries. The Super Turtles do eventually beat Shreddarius and the Terrorkinetics.


  • In the 2014 action film, there are some plot elements that are similar to the history of the Super Turtles. There may be no Shreddarius personally, but their Shredder uses a cybernetic, armed exoskeleton similar to Shreddarius.


  • Shreddarius is similar to the Star Wars villain Darth Vader, in that he was seriously injured and has to wear a exoskeleton to survive.
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