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Tokyo (formerly)
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Shini, Witch Girl


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Hypno Stone
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Kunoichi, Witch


Karai's Foot Clan
Ninja Turtles

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Golden Brown

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2012 TV series

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City at War

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Brandon Auman

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Gwendoline Yeo

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Shinigami, also nicknamed Shini, is a mystic witch and Karai's longtime friend from Japan. As a new member of the Foot Clan under Karai's leadership, she is an ally of the Ninja Turtles in the 2012 animated series. She is also yet another one of Michelangelo's love interests.


Shini, who is a witch, is an old friend of Karai from Japan. Under her hat she hides two hypno stones she uses for hypnotism.


City at War

She first appeared as an enemy as she took on the Turtles and April on a rooftop and stole April O'Neil's Dragon Tanto. Later, she went to Shredder's old lair and gave her weapon not to Shredder, but to Karai. April and the turtles come in and Karai explains that Shinigami is an old friend of hers from Japan. Later, April fights Shinigami to get her weapon back. She loses, but April still gets her weapon back when Karai tells Shinigami to return it to her.

Afterwards, she and Karai went to an old building where Shredder stores his weapons, not knowing they were being followed by Tiger Claw, Fishface, and Rahzar. The three tried to ambush them, but they give the mutants the element of surprise. She fought Tiger Claw and tried hypnotizing him with her stone, but she was still defeated and knocked out by him when he put her over his back and knocked her out with a combination of his jetpack and the ceiling. Tiger Claw then used her as leverage to get Karai to surrender. She and Karai were tied up and later rescued by the Turtles. She and Mikey (who was smitten with her) fought Rahzar and later escaped. She is later seen with Karai bowing to April for forgiveness in the lair before leaving to continue Karai's plans to rebuild the Foot Clan and take down Shredder's criminal empire.

Broken Foot

Shinigami and Karai prepare to attack a temple that Karai knows is a front for a money-laundering operation for the Shredder, but Shini is skeptical at first when she sees it from outside, even going so far as to tell Karai that her "father" was one messed-up freak. They are soon ambushed by Hun and the Purple Dragons, and while Shini takes out one of them using her hypnotic abilities, she's overpowered by Hun before Leo arrives to take Hun down himself. Shini is ecstatic over all the laundered cash and wonders what to do with it, but accepts when Karai and Leo decide to burn it, along with the temple, and leaves with a smile on her face.

Later, back at Karai's, she and Karai reveal to Leo that their next target is the Auman Chemicals factory, knowing that taking it down will seriously cripple Shredder's forces. As an added bonus, Shini has hired new Foot Ninjas from Japan to aid them in their operation. However, Tiger Claw, Bebop, and Rocksteady are waiting for them at the factory with Foot-bots, and despite their best attempts with planting as many explosives as they can, they are soon forced to retreat due to too many Foot-bots. Worse, their explosives are unable to fully take out the factory. However, Leo soon spots Mikey and Raphael carrying an injured Donnie away, and worried, goes after them, leaving Shini and Karai to have to escape from Tiger Claw and the Foot-bots before Tiger Claw goes after the Turtles instead with Bebop and Rocksteady as they escape in the Party Wagon.

When Leo returns to Karai's later with Raphael and Mikey, Shini recognizes Mikey as "the silly one" and says she likes him, before Karai reveals their plan to take out the factory producing the Foot-bots. However, after what happened with Donnie, Leo wants none of it, willing to fight her to stop her. Karai blinds them with a smoke bomb before Shini uses one of her bat tricks to disorient the Turtles long enough for her, Karai, and their Foot Ninja to escape to destroy the factory.

However, Tiger Claw is waiting with Bebop and Rocksteady, and has the factory producing Elite Footbots to reinforce their numbers, leading to Shini, Karai, and their Foot Ninja being captured before the Turtles arrive to rescue them and destroy the factory. Shini deals with Bebop, but soon is surrounded by Elite Foot-bots before Karai wipes them and the factory out at the cost of suffering burn marks to the side of her face. They all escape before the NYPD and FDNY converge on the inferno consuming the factory, before returning to the sewers to rejoin April and Splinter.

The Super Shredder

When Karai's headquarters is thrown into darkness by an unexpected power blackout, she is worried while Shini just considers it another power blackout, before Tiger Claw and Rahzar arrive, and introduce the mutated Shredder to Shini and Karai. Despite their best efforts, Super Shredder overpowers all of them, knocking Shinigami out, and threatening to hunt her down and kill her if Karai does not surrender to him. Faced with her old friend's life being on the line, Karai has no choice but to surrender to the Super Shredder to protect Shinigami.

Tale of Tiger Claw

Shinigami and Karai was mentioned by Tiger Claw when he was talking with Super Shredder's hologram.


With their old lair no longer safe, Shinigami and Karai take up residence with the Mighty Mutanimals at their home in the Bronx, however, the hideout is soon besieged by the Super Shredder and set ablaze, but Shinigami is able to escape thanks to the arrival of the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey. After Leo is able to save Karai's life and revive her, Shinigami is grateful to him, and while the Turtles and the Mutanimals go after Super Shredder and his lackeys, Shinigami, after being asked by Splinter, stays behind with Karai to wait for the NYPD and FDNY so Karai can be taken to the hospital by the paramedics to be treated for her injuries.


Shinigami joins the Turtles and many of their allies to pay their final respects and goodbyes to Master Splinter after learning of his death at the hands of Super Shredder at his burial site on April's family farm and was depressed about the tragedy as well.

The Forgotten Swordsman

Shinigami helped Karai to look for the Kuro Kabuto at the time when some of their Foot Ninjas were siding with Shredder's right-hand man from Japan Hattori Tatsu. She and Karai were unable to defeat Tatsu in the first battle. She along with Karai then go to the Turtles' lair to ask for help from them. Shini and Mikey team up and she switches off the lights of Tatsu's lair as they enter it with Leo and Karai in the other team.

Soon all of them are fighting Tatsu and he kicks Shinigami heavily knocking her unconscious. Later the other turtles, April and Casey join the first group after taking out Tatsu's foot soldiers and Casey gets electrocuted with his own taser when attacking Tatsu. Following the battle that ended with Tiger Claw reclaiming the Kuro Kabuto and Kavaxas draining Tatsu's soul, Shinigami and Casey Jones were left outside the emergency room of the hospital to be picked up by the doctors when they are found by two NYPD officers who take them inside for medical treatment.

The Foot Walks Again!

Shinigami is with Karai and two Foot Ninja on patrol, but just after checking out Chinatown and seeing no sign of the Purple Dragons, they are about to call it quits for the night, when Karai spots Bebop and Rocksteady heading up an alley with several 1987 Foot Soldiers. Suspicious, Karai decides to follow them, while having Shinigami retreat to gather the rest of their Foot Ninja. Understanding her instructions, Shinigami retreats with the two Foot Ninja under cover of smokescreen.

She soon returns with the rest of the Foot Ninja to save Karai, April, Casey, and both the 2012 and 1987 Turtles from Bebop, Rocksteady, and the 1987 Foot Soldiers, but in the end, Bebop and Rocksteady escape with 1987 Shredder, and Casey is severely wounded by Rocksteady, suffering several broken ribs.


Shinigami is an old friend of Karai who appears to be quite close and loyal to her. She appears to take orders from her without hesitation and arguing. She also appears to enjoy gloating time from time over her superior fighting skills and abilities that she uses against others when they engage in battle. She looks at Karai as a mentor and is out to help her right the wrongs she has done due to the Shredder and his deception. She also seems to have a peaceful relationship with the Turtles, though more arrogant.


Shinigami is seen as a slender Kunoichi and witch with long black hair and, like Karai, wears makeup consisting of dark purple eye-shadow and lipstick, and a beauty mark above the right side of her upper lip. She wears what appears to be a witch's hat that closely resembles the umbrella shape from a mushroom, and a black bodysuit that covers her torso, legs, and halfway above the elbows with bands between the sleeves and above-the-elbow gloves, gold accents above her thighs with a moon shape in the middle, a black cape behind her back and black, ankle-length boots. She also has batwing-like extentions that connect her sleeves and bodysuit.


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  • Shapeshifting: Before entering in a showdown against the Turtles, Shini was transformed in a black cat, completely unable to be identified as a human by others.
  • Hypnosis: By swinging a Hypno Stone back and forth, Shini can hypnotize any person to stun him for few seconds or introduce hypnotic suggestions, making them mindlessly obey while mesmerized.


  • Ninjutsu: She is also a kunoichi. Shini also wields her Kusarigama with an impressive abillity based upon many fighting techniques.


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  • Hat: She possesses a big hat in which she hides her Hypno Stones and also uses it to cast bat illusions.
  • Kusarigama: Her weapon of choice. She uses a crescent as the blade of the kusarigama while one of the Hypno Stones becomes the weight. Overall her kusarigama is 46 links long when both Hypno Stones are used in it. One of them is attached to the 24th link (from the crescent) and the other is attached to the 46th link. Shini can separate the latter 22 links along with the second Hypno Stone to use the remaining as a shorter kusarigama.
  • Hypno Stones: Magic pendulums that Shinigami hides inside her hat. By swinging it back and forward in the sight of a subject, Shini can mesmerize him and either immobilize him, cast Oni illusions from the stone, or hypnotize him. When both stones are attached to her kusarigama, she uses one of them as a grip for swinging it.
  • Claw gloves: To fight Tiger Claw, Shini has demonstrated she uses special claw gloves that aid her in performing more agile attacks.


Leo, Donnie and Raph

Upon meeting and defeating the turtles as well as April, she began to gloat by rubbing it in their faces. However, after the turtles and April saved her and Karai from Tiger Claw, Fishface and Razhar, she thanked them and apologized to April. She now appears to be on good terms with them.


Shinigami is an old friend of Karai's from Japan and has tried to help her rebuild the Foot Clan in a more honorable image. Shinigami calls Karai "senpai", which means Karai is older than her in skill.


Michelangelo was immediately smitten by her at first glance. It is revealed that she likes him in Broken Foot.

April O'Neil

April did not like Shinigami because she took her weapon and defeated her twice. She and Karai later apologized to her. The two of them now appear to be on good terms with each other.

The Shredder

Like Karai, she is out to destroy the Shredder and burn his criminal empire to the ground. Karai most likely told her everything that has happened since she arrived in New York and upon hearing it all, she most likely despises him like everyone else for everything awful he has done to them all.


  • Shinigami (死神) is Japanese for "God of Death"
  • As shown in Broken Foot, Shinigami has a PSP gaming system which she plays with in her spare time.
    • Also seen in Broken Foot, Shini appears to have a pet black cat.

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