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The Shellraiser is one of the main transportation vehicles for the Turtles​ in the 2012 series. It is seen in the opening sequence of the show, but its official in-series appearance was in the Season 1 episode, "The Pulverizer".

The Shellraiser is a converted subway car, which formerly served as Leatherhead's home. Its tires are mounted on an armature that slides up or down allowing it to be used on subway rails or roads. It is equipped with a retractable top-mounted garbage cannon, a sewer lid launcher and bumper-mounted crushing jaws. Each of the four turtles have their own designated station on board the Shellraiser, with Leonardo in charge of driving (as he is the turtle least likely to run into things for the fun of it). Raphael operates the vehicle's weapons and defenses (as well as driving the Stealth Bike), Michelangelo navigates, and Donatello maintains the Shellraiser's vital functions.

Originally, the Shellraiser was powered by a power crystal stolen from the Kraang, protected by a lead glass plate shielding to make it undetectable to the Kraang. However, when the lead shield cracked, the Kraang quickly traced and reclaimed their power cell, rendering the Shellraiser immobile. In subsequent episodes the Shellraiser was operational again, suggesting that Donnie found an alternative way to power the vehicle.

There was a dock underneath the Shellraiser that holds the Stealth Bike.

"Vengeance is Mine" shows some of its onboard weapons include the Garbage Cannon, the Manhole Launcher, a smokescreen, "Das Boot", "Soul Flayer", "Snaggletooth", Pizza Grease, "Jacks'd Up", "Rad Weekend", and "Poop T.N.T."

In "The Invasion, Part 1", the Shellraiser was wrecked by missiles fired by Kraang Subprime when he discovered the Turtle Lair. It remained out of commission for the entire first half of season three.

In "Clash of the Mutanimals", Donatello was finally successful at repairing the Shellraiser and making it road-worthy again. When a mind-controlled Slash and Rockwell stole the Party Wagon, the turtles, Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete pursued them in the Shellraiser.


  • The Shellraiser's name is a pun on "Hellraiser".
  • Michelangelo gave the Shellraiser its name. For once, his brothers felt like it was the perfect name.
  • The Shellraiser largely replaced the function of the Patrol Buggy.
  • After the Shellraiser was wrecked in "The Invasion, Part 1", Kirby allowed the Turtles to use his Party Wagon. When the Shellraiser was later repaired in "Clash of the Mutanimals", the Turtles kept both vehicles.
  • The Shellraiser is a successor to both the Turtle Van from the 1987 series and the Battle Shell from the 2003 series.
  • In 2012 Playmates released a Shellraiser toy vehicle.
    • A LEGO version of the Shellraiser was released in the "Shellraiser Street Chase" set.
    • Playmates also released a R/C version of the Shellraiser in 2013.

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