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Splinter faces the Shredder, Karai, and a warehouse full of Foot ninja. He is bruised and weary, but must fight on. 

Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael talk about what they should do to find Splinter. A woman spies on them through the window. Michelangelo, returning with pizza, apprehends her to ask what she's doing when the rest of her gang arrives.

Inside the Foot warehouse, Splinter has defeated the first wave of ninja. At this point, the Shredder calls Alopex into the fight. 

Outside the antique shop the other Turtles have joined the fight against the gang. Casey arrives and recognizes the woman as Angel, a childhood friend of his. 

As Splinter fights Alopex, he reveals to her that he knows all about her past—how she was taken by the Foot and mutated into a soldier for them, a tool. Splinter tells her she can choose her own path. Alopex says she chooses to kill him, and charges. Splinter is able to parry her blows effortlessly and incapacitates her. Splinter asks Shredder if they are going to settle this, master to master. 

Casey and Angel relieve the tension of the situation, explaining who each other is to their crews. Angel is a member of the Purple Dragons, once a hardcore gang and now more of a community watch. She tells them she and her gang has seen other mutants and ninja in the area, but Casey swears on his mom's grave that he and the Turtles are cool and not to blame for any criminal activity. The Purple Dragons inform them that the primary group engaging in crime and territory expansion is the Foot Clan, confirming Leonardo's suspicions. Angel agrees to show Casey and the Turtles the location of the Foot's hideout, as payback for a favor from Casey back in the day. Donatello apologizes to Leonardo for doubting him and Splinter about the Foot being a real threat. 

Splinter tells Shredder that this moment between them was destined; that even though the Shredder, Oroku Saki, murdered his wife and sons and denied him the chance to avenge them in battle, killing him as well, here they stand, in this new life. 





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