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Splinter is stunned; although he had sensed a threat to his family, he had not expected to fight the Foot Clan in this life. Karai tells Splinter of how the Foot Clan has survived for hundreds of years, keeping quiet and taking out their enemies from the shadows, but now they stand poised to make a bold move and take dominance over the New York City underworld. Karai explains that although the Foot is made up of the deadliest and most skilled warriors, the conflict has escalated and they have to participate in the arms race, which is their reason for bringing Splinter before them—to join them or die. 

April, Casey, and the Turtles pull into a gas station. After breaking into StockGen to find Splinter has been taken again, their spirits are low and their tensions are high. Leonardo says they're up against the Foot, that it is their past life leading them to fight their old foe. Donatello tells him that's garbage, and the whole idea that they're four boys from Feudal Japan reincarnated is ludicrous. Donatello is convinced that all of their conflicts are centered in the here-and-now, modern-day affairs related to their escape from StockGen and subsequent mutation. The Turtles begin arguing emphatically until Michelangelo breaks them up, reminding them that they have no home now and need to find a place to go. April tells them she knows the perfect spot. 

Splinter is fighting a hulking Foot ninja. Having learned all the tricks and techniques of the Foot Clan in his former life, he makes quick work of the ninja.

Back at StockGen, Baxter Stockman chews out Old Hob for letting Splinter be taken. Stockman asks how it happened, but Hob was out the whole time and tells him to ask Chet. In another room Chet is on the phone, reporting to someone that the Turtles came looking for Splinter right after he was taken by Karai. 

April shows the Turtles her parents unused antique shop, The Second Time Around Shop. It is exactly what it sounds like, and each of the Turtles finds something to their liking inside. Leonardo thanks April for being able to use the place. Michelangelo goes to get the gang pizza for breakfast. Soon after, April leaves, realizing what time it is and that she has a test in a few hours. Casey leaves with her. As they leave, a woman watches.

Splinter has the oversized Foot ninja at his mercy. He knows if he delivers the killing stroke, then he will in truth have lost. Splinter says he will not execute this man, and explains that he knows much of the Foot Clan, and knows that it's honor was destroyed from within by Oroku Saki in the past. As Splinter quotes what he said when he openly spoke against Oroku Saki in the past, the Shredder speaks in shock, and calls Splinter by the name he had before: Hamato Yoshi. Recognizing the voice of the Shredder, Splinter reliazes that the man standing before him is no mere successor to the name, but the original Shredder and his ancient enemy, Oroku Saki, alive in the present day, and leading the Foot Clan as he did in Feudal Japan. As Shredder wonders how the man he executed hundreds of years before is present in the form of a mutant rat, he orders Karai and the Foot Ninja to destroy Splinter.




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