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IDW TMNT Vol. 3 trade paperback cover


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The third story arc in IDW's TMNT series. It comprises issues 9 through 12 and also ties into the fifth issue in the mini-series focusing on Splinter.    


Part One - Issue #9


Issue #9 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

The Turtles' home in the sewers has been destroyed, and Splinter has been kidnapped by Old Hob (using robots supplied by Baxter Stockman). Casey Jones has just arrived to introduce April to the Turtles and is shocked by the destruction. April is stunned by the whole situation. She informs the Turtles that she is the one that named them (after Italian Renaissance painters, no less). After being introduced, April, Casey and the Turtles quickly formulate a plan to break into StockGen and rescue their father. 

In the StockGen laboratories, Old Hob taunts Splinter. The phone rings and Chet Allen hands it to Hob. Hob tells Chet not to start extracting mutagen samples from Splinter's blood until Stockman returns, per his orders. 

The Turtles have decided to infiltrate StockGen and rescue Splinter. They tell April she can back out if she's afraid, but she declines, saying she wants to help. Donatello decides to bring along one of the disabled M.O.U.S.E.R.s. 

Stockman is en route to StockGen with General Krang. Stockman reassures Krang that progress will be back on track now that the rat has been retrieved, but Krang is doubtful.

Outside StockGen, April, Casey and the Turtles iron out the final details of their plan. Donatello uses the repurposed M.O.U.S.E.R. to attack the radio transmitter in the security guard's office. With their communication system disabled, the security personnel leaves their posts to investigate, allowing the Turtles to slip in unnoticed. Casey and the Turtles knock out a few guards and find out where Splinter is being held. The door to the room is guarded by a much bigger and deadlier M.O.U.S.E.R., but Raphael and Casey manage to take it out. They step into the room only to find Hob unconscious and Chet sitting on the ground. Leonardo asks Chet where their father is, and Chet tells him: ninja.

In a large warehouse Splinter has his blindfold removed. Karai tells him to bow down before the leader of the Foot Clan: the Shredder

Part Two - Issue #10


Issue #10 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

Splinter is stunned; although he had sensed a threat to his family, he had not expected to fight the Foot Clan in this life. Karai tells Splinter of how the Foot Clan has survived for hundreds of years, keeping quiet and taking out their enemies from the shadows, but now they stand poised to make a bold move and take dominance over the New York City underworld. Karai explains that although the Foot is made up of the deadliest and most skilled warriors, the conflict has escalated and they have to participate in the arms race, which is their reason for bringing Splinter before them—to join them or die. 

April, Casey, and the Turtles pull into a gas station. After breaking into StockGen to find Splinter has been taken again, their spirits are low and their tensions are high. Leonardo says they're up against the Foot, that it is their past life leading them to fight their old foe. Donatello tells him that's garbage, and the whole idea that they're four boys from Feudal Japan reincarnated is ludicrous. Donatello is convinced that all of their conflicts are centered in the here-and-now, modern-day affairs related to their escape from StockGen and subsequent mutation. The Turtles begin arguing emphatically until Michelangelo breaks them up, reminding them that they have no home now and need to find a place to go. April tells them she knows the perfect spot. 

Splinter is fighting a hulking Foot ninja. Having learned all the tricks and techniques of the Foot Clan in his former life, he makes quick work of the ninja.

Back at StockGen, Baxter Stockman chews out Old Hob for letting Splinter be taken. Stockman asks how it happened, but Hob was out the whole time and tells him to ask Chet. In another room Chet is on the phone, reporting to someone that the Turtles came looking for Splinter right after he was taken by Karai. 

April shows the Turtles her parents unused antique shop, The Second Time Around Shop. It is exactly what it sounds like, and each of the Turtles finds something to their liking inside. Leonardo thanks April for being able to use the place. Michelangelo goes to get the gang pizza for breakfast. Soon after, April leaves, realizing what time it is and that she has a test in a few hours. Casey leaves with her. As they leave, a woman watches.

Splinter has the oversized Foot ninja at his mercy. He knows if he delivers the killing stroke, then he will in truth have lost. Splinter says he will not execute this man, and explains that he knows much of the Foot Clan, and knows that it's honor was destroyed from within by Oroku Saki in the past. As Splinter quotes what he said when he openly spoke against Oroku Saki in the past, the Shredder speaks in shock, and calls Splinter by the name he had before: Hamato Yoshi. Recognizing the voice of the Shredder, Splinter reliazes that the man standing before him is no mere successor to the name, but the original Shredder and his ancient enemy, Oroku Saki, alive in the present day, and leading the Foot Clan as he did in Feudal Japan. As Shredder wonders how the man he executed hundreds of years before is present in the form of a mutant rat, he orders Karai and the Foot Ninja to destroy Splinter. 

Part Three - Issue #11


Issue #11 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

Splinter faces the Shredder, Karai, and a warehouse full of Foot ninja. He is bruised and weary, but must fight on. 

Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael talk about what they should do to find Splinter. A woman spies on them through the window. Michelangelo, returning with pizza, apprehends her to ask what she's doing when the rest of her gang arrives.

Inside the Foot warehouse, Splinter has defeated the first wave of ninja. At this point, the Shredder calls Alopex into the fight. 

Outside the antique shop the other Turtles have joined the fight against the gang. Casey arrives and recognizes the woman as Angel, a childhood friend of his. 

As Splinter fights Alopex, he reveals to her that he knows all about her past—how she was taken by the Foot and mutated into a soldier for them, a tool. Splinter tells her she can choose her own path. Alopex says she chooses to kill him, and charges. Splinter is able to parry her blows effortlessly and incapacitates her. Splinter asks Shredder if they are going to settle this, master to master. 

Casey and Angel relieve the tension of the situation, explaining who each other is to their crews. Angel is a member of the Purple Dragons, once a hardcore gang and now more of a community watch. She tells them she and her gang has seen other mutants and ninja in the area, but Casey swears on his mom's grave that he and the Turtles are cool and not to blame for any criminal activity. The Purple Dragons inform them that the primary group engaging in crime and territory expansion is the Foot Clan, confirming Leonardo's suspicions. Angel agrees to show Casey and the Turtles the location of the Foot's hideout, as payback for a favor from Casey back in the day. Donatello apologizes to Leonardo for doubting him and Splinter about the Foot being a real threat. 

Splinter tells Shredder that this moment between them was destined; that even though the Shredder, Oroku Saki, murdered his wife and sons and denied him the chance to avenge them in battle, killing him as well, here they stand, in this new life. 

(Note: this issue occurs simultaneous with the Splinter one-shot)

Part Four - Issue #12


Issue #12 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

Angel and a few Purple Dragons show Casey and the Turtles where one of the Foot Clan's hideouts is. Raphael asks if the Purple Dragons are sure they don't want to get involved, but they say they already have enough heat on them with the Foot Clan expanding their territory all over the city. 

Inside, Master Splinter fights Oroku Saki, the Shredder. Splinter is exhausted after a long night and is nearly finished, but he manages to gather his strength, thinking back to his past life and how Oroku Saki took his wife and children away from him. He will not let this second chance be wasted. He rallies and continues the fight, but eventually the Shredder defeats him. Saki is about to finish him off when suddenly a Foot ninja comes flying through the window and knocks him down, followed shortly by the four Turtles and Casey Jones. A huge battle ensues, with Casey and the Turtles battling the Shredder, Karai, Alopex and a legion of Foot ninjas. During the fight, Shredder overhears Michelangelo call Splinter "father", and realizes that the turtles are Splinter's sons reincarnated. Donatello finds Splinter and tries to get him to safety, but Shredder zeroes in on him. As Shredder is about to attack Leonardo jumps in and parries the blow. Splinter tells Leonardo that their only hope is to work together and fight as one. The Shredder tells the Turtles that their master is beaten and if they have any hope of surviving they should join the Foot Clan. As Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael fight Shredder, Casey and Leonardo continue trying to get Splinter out safely. The large Foot ninja Splinter fought earlier is about to attack them when he's knocked out by Angel. She tells Casey that this may not be Purple Dragon business, but she owes Casey. Casey and Angel get Splinter outside. The Turtles take on Shredder together and are finally able to defeat him and return home. 

General Krang express his continued disappointment to Baxter Stockman. Stockman assures him that the rat will be captured again and the psychotropic compound retrieved. Hob concurs, saying that the next time he finds Splinter he'll take care of the job himself. Stockman says that's not going to happen, as Hob is fired; he shoots Hob in the chest. Krang is not impressed. He asks Stockman again about the samples taken from Hob's blood and Stockman assures him they have plenty. Krang orders one of his men to tranquilize Stockman and bring him aboard his plane. 

At the antique shop, Casey and the Turtles thank Angel again for helping them while Splinter rests on the couch. As Angel leaves, April arrives. She goes to see Splinter on the couch and begins to cry. Splinter wakes and asks her why she's crying; she smiles and says it's because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to thank him for saving her life. 


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