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When Seymour Gutz first appears in the IDW continuity miniseries Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals, he exists inside a liquid-filled prosthetic body. As his physical body is unable to hold its shape, the prosthetic body gives him a solid tangible shape and mobile limbs to facilitate movement. Seymour continues to wear this prosthetic after being taken in by the Mutanimals.

However, the prosthetic body is not armor, and was always technically fragile. In the story arc Desperate Measures, Agent Bishop captures Slash and T.J. Shevlin implants a remote mind control device in Slash, and Bishop uses it to direct Slash to attack the Mutanimals Headquarters. During the assault, Seymour tries to reason with Slash, only to get his prosthetic body smashed in and its contents spilt out. Seymour along with the other Mutanimals (except Old Hob) are taken into Earth Protection Force custody.

The EPF's technicians prevent Seymour from dying, but after Hob manages to coerce Darkwater into freeing the other Mutanimals, it is revealed that Seymour's prosthetic body could not be salvaged, and he is now confined to life inside a much smaller immobile tank not much larger than his destroyed suit's head chamber.

It is not until ...And Out Came the Reptiles that Seymour would receive his second prosthetic body.

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