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Sewer Slider

Sewer Slider
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2003 TV series


Ninja Turtles


The Sewer Slider was a vehicle invented by Donatello in the 2003–2009 animated series. It was developed sometime prior to the episode A Better Mousetrap, when it was first featured. In that episode, Raphael and Leonardo drove it to the old lair where they had grown up, in order to recover the personal possessions that had survived the Mouser attack. 

The Sewer Slider was apparently designed specifically for sewer use, as it was never used above ground. It resembled an ordinary, open-topped motorized vehicle in its resting state, but had the ability to fold its wheels underneath the chassis and hover through the tunnels at great speeds, allowing it to be driven in areas which were flooded with water. It also had a stealth mode that diminished the sound of the engine.

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