Sewerscout Raph.jpg

With an ear to the ground, Sewer Scout Raph can tell how many horses are comin', how many riders, how many weapons they're carrying and how many slices of pizza are left for him to eat. This range rovin' reptile is a real sewer- searchin' scout. He's got keen sewer senses to track down the frontier Foot Clan and foil their high plains plans. And when he's face to face with the faceless Foot, one swipe of his kowabunga carvin' knife and it's Foot jerky for a month. Some say ol' Raph can split a tree in half with one throw from his carvin' knife! Maybe that's how it stays so sharp. Rascal Raph's long range reptile rifle makes him the kowabunga king of the wild west. And with Bucky, his sewer scout friend sittin' on top of his head, Sewer Scout Raph will never get lost. And like all good trackers, he'll always find the Foot - or be one step ahead of 'em.

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