The Foot Flattening Speedster


  • Super Turtle Spoiler, Auxiliary Anchovy Fuel Tank, Super-Size Rear Slicks, Cheese-cutting Exhaust Pipes, Two Detachable Sewer Sauce Guns, Pizza Gas Barrels, Anchovy & Ice Cream Pizza Flywheel!, Spoked Front Tires with Foot Spikes, Nitro-Oregano Tank, Double Blower Mutant Engine, Sewer Pipe Chassis, Control Handles, Road Rat Rip Cord


"Get the green light with the pizza-powered Sewer Dragster - the fastest Foot chasing vehicle to ever accelerate across a cesspool. Trip up the Foot and make them run for cover as you splash and screech through the sewers and streets. Challenge the Psycho Cycle and gloat with glee as the Foot Clan choke on your deadly dragster dust, And best of all - you don't need a license to drive this turbo Turtle transport. Just yank the Road Rat Rip Cord and hold on as the Anchovy and Ice Cream Pizza Flywheel spins this PPV into supersonic sewer speed!"



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