Awesome Assault Craft & Spy Ring

Accessories/ Features

  • Sewer Tube (holds 1 figure)
  • Double-Barreled Muffler Machine Gun
  • Foot Finder Gun Sight
  • Control Panel
  • Pizza Power Pennant
  • Floating Mutant Toxic Waste Mine
  • Mutant Mine Holder
  • Muck 'n Slime Camouflage
  • Pizza Cuttin' Oars
  • Radical Scum Blowing Side Pipes

"Float like a Turtle, sting like a bee with the official army surplus sewer tube. Scummier than a bathtub ring and twice the fun, the Sewer Army Tube is perfect for spy missions behind enemy drains and for septic tank warfare. Armed with a floating mutant toxic waste mine to stub the Footski and double-barreled muffler machine guns for silencing critics, the Sewer Army Tube is also great for a lazy afternoon of plunging over sludge falls and tumbling down white waste water rapids."


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