Wind-up sewer spyin' reptile with swimmin' action!

Vital Tortistics

Clean up the stinky Foot with Sewer-Swimmin' Donatello. With Don's sewer-scuba jet, you can be certain the Shredder won't be surfing through your sewers. This Turtle teen skims the water to uncover deviously devised Foot plans. Don dares to boldly go where no Turtle has gone before - your tub, for instance, where he gets more than his feet wet giving the Foot a bath. And his keen spy sense will keep him from making too many waves.

See Don rival Olympic hopefuls with his shell-stroke swimming action! The Turtles can now command the high seas from the splendor of your sewer-bath!


  • Floating sewer-scuba sewer jet and
  • Detachable Foot seeking spear