Sewer cyclin' raph , sewer spitting series 1992

The Beach Bikin' Battle Boy!

Vital Spitistics

Accessories: Tri-wheeled Unicycle, Bicycle Pump Gun, Water Bottle Blaster, Sewer Soda Cup 

Favorite Race: Tour de Sewer

Greatest Asset: Spit Second Timing

Favorite Course: Pizza Peak

Sewer-cyclin' Raph would rather spray it, than say it, especially when it comes to the Foot Clan. He's in top Turtle training with no time to stop 'n sweat. He's on a Mutant mission - to become the best beach biker to ever pedal through a puddle. Sewer-cyclin' Raph is on the ball and ready for action. His bicycle pump gun is lubed, loaded and ready to fire. His water bottle blaster is primed, poised and ready to quench. His spit 'n shine tri-wheeled unicycle is balanced, breathtakin' and ready to ride. He's super spitting Sewer-cyclin' Raph and he's not stoppin' for anyone, unless they're havin' a bodacious beach pizza bash. 

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