Super Sewer Headquarters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The ultimate playset for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, the Secret Sewer Lair playset is BIG, and ready for Ninja battle action! This playset will have kids creating their own Lair of excitement as they become the leader of the pack, swinging into action, training the Turtles and defeating Shredder once and for all! Standing 42 inches tall, the Secret Sewer Lair includes more than 20 different exciting Ninja features.

  • Turtle Fly Line
  • Secret Dumpster Periscope
  • Shred Head Pratice Dummy
  • Drop-in Manhole Door
  • Real-working Elevator
  • Flip-kicking Ladder
  • Hidden Spring-loaded Power Line Laucher
  • Rockin' Tire Swing
  • Spiral Stair Case
  • Don's Turtle Tech Lab
  • Secret Dumpster Hideout
  • Mutagen Ooze Drain Pipe
  • Drop-Down Fire Escape
  • Splinter's Dojo - With Real Sliding Shoji Doors
  • Transforming Hidden Wall With Work Station
  • Training Area
  • Secret Sewer Entrance
  • Climbing Telephone Pole
  • Fakeout Trap Floor
  • High-ground Battle Plataforms

The Secret Sewer Lair offers three different play levels to load up with your TMNT action figures: in the sewer, street level, and on top of the building. Features include a zip line, spring-loaded projectile, floors that fall out, hidden walls, an ooze pipe, and much, much more! Way to take on the bad guys! Drop the Foot with a trap floor, launch into action with the swinging ladder, dump some ooze with the Ooze pipe, and be a master of tech tracking with the super Lab computer!


  • Figures not included.
  • Ooze sold separately.




Secret Sewer Lair Playset Commercial


Secret Sewer Lair Playset Instructional Video