Stealth Secret Agent of Tomorrow!


Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 184 lbs.
Hobby: Tinkering with Tekno-toys
Vehicle: Hover Shell
Weapon: Ninja Tek Bo Staff

Meet Secret Agent Don - the Fast Forward stealth secret agent of tomorrow! No mission is impossible for this ninja spy tek turtle! With his gadgets belt, whacky weapons briefcase, trusty Ninja Tek bo staff and covert stealth-skin, Don is ready to go undercover and overcome all odds! Whether the threat is Earth-based, alien or technological, Secret Agent Don has the brains, gadgets, and ninja knowledge to win the day and save the future!


  • This action figure was only released in the United Kingdom, distributed by Vivid Imaginations. Secret Agent versions of the other Turtles are advertised on the back off the figure's card but were never released in any region.
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