Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Sebastian Khan was second-in-command to Chicago mob boss Antonio Seghetti. As he was highly technologically skilled, Khan developed a suit of powered armor for his boss and friend. However, upon rising in power and establishing the Vicious Circle, Khan was cast aside. Feeling betrayed, Khan cybernetically enhanced himself and went after the Vicious Circle as Cyberface.

After Cyberface helped Officer Dragon bring down Seghetti, Dragon advocated his release from prison despite being a criminal, due to his role in the battle. Dragon hoped Cyberface's newfound freedom would inspire him to change his ways. The Savage Dragon issue 21

Cyberface later encountered the Ninja Turtles when Dragon was interrogating him, and the villain attacked. The Turtles swoop down from the Triceraton Aircar and Donatello blasted Cyberface and his goons, winning the fight easily.

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