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Sectoid 1

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The Evil of Dregg

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Venom stinger


Lord Dregg's pet


Lord Dregg

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2012 TV series

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The Evil of Dregg

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The Scorpinoid is a gigantic, alien scorpion from Sectoid 1. He lives in a pit that is located under Lord Dregg's castle, which is used to execute someone. Not only he is a weapon and a type of transportation for Lord Dregg, he is also the pet of the evil ruler.


The Evil of Dregg

The Scorpinoid first appeared after Lord Dregg threw Leo, Mikey, Casey, and Raph into his pit, where attacked them and tried to eat them, but the guys were able to escape from him, after April throws down a rope. Before the Turtles escaped from the pit, Leo pushes Armaggon into the pit where caught him with his claw and eats him before letting out a big belch. As the Turtles, April, Casey, Fugitoid, Mona Lisa, and Sal Commander escape to the Ulixes, Scorpinoid is unleased and chases after them, along with Lord Dregg and a swarm of Vreen and Xxax Bees. During the battle that follows, the Scorpinoid is able to strike down Mona Lisa after she admitted her love for Raph, renewing his will to fight. Horrified at seeing Mona struck down, and now fueled with anger, fury, and grief, Raph is able to overpower Dregg and decapitate him, revealing a robot head underneath Dregg's normal one. After Raph takes down Dregg, Scorpinoid tries to attack him again, but is blasted with laser beam from the Ulixes and incapacitates the Scorpinoid before vaporizing the Vreen.

The Ever-Burning Fire

The death of Scorpinoid is the reason Lord Dregg follows the Turtles to Magdomar as he wants to avenge the death of his beloved and favourite pet.

When Worlds Collide, part 1

Scorpinoid is not seen on screen but is seen in a flashback when Mona Lisa tells Raphael that after Lord Dregg survived his presumable death by the Triceratons, he launched an invasion in Salamandria.





His appearance is a gigantic, robotic, scorpion-like giant with dark-metal skin, two glowing cyan eyes, two big antennas on his head, a mouth with pincers on him, and four sharp teeth showing, a long tail with two razor-sharp stingers on the tip that has a fast strike, six-legs, and two claws that have a strong grip. His body also has little spikes all over.


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