Scary Brawl is a 2016 spin-off of the third Super Brawl. Like Super Brawl 4, the characters are dressed up in costumes, some of which are of other characters.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Invincibubble
  • Sky Whale as himself
  • Patrick as Mr. Superawesomeness
  • Sanjay and Craig as Remington Tufflips
  • Leo as Captain Ryan
  • Mikey as Tur-fly-tle
  • Donnie as Dash Coolstar
  • Raph as Crognard the Barbarian
  • Red Ranger as himself
  • Pink Ranger as herself
  • The Breadwinners as the Bread Maker
  • Harvey Beaks as Night Maid
  • Banana as Super Crazy Eyeball Dude
  • Goat as Oatmeal Girl
  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Mermaid Man
  • Patrick as Barnacle Boy
  • Plankton in a Robo-Suit
  • Korra in the Avatar State
  • Henry Hart as Kid Danger
  • Timmy as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder


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