The Scale Tail Clan is a gang in the 2012 TV series.


In an alternate future where Earth is struck with a mutagen bomb that led to Earth being dominated by mutant animals, the Scale Tale Clan are a gang of reptilian mutants lead by Imperius Reptilicus. At first, they ally themselves with the Honey Badger Ravagers, as Verminator Rex convinces Reptilicus that by kidnapping Mira and using the map tattooed on her arm, they can find the Oasis. Verminator Rex and Reptilicus succeed in capturing Mira and Raphael, and force Raphael into the wasteland arena. Upon Raphael defeating them both, Reptilicus declares that he has taken control of both the Scale Tail Clan and Honey Badger Ravagers, and the two gangs follow Raphael to attempt to get to Oasis. However, both are wiped out by the combined might of Verminator Rex and his master, Maximus Kong.

Scale Tail Members

Miscellaneous Scale Tails are voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker, Brian Bloom, and Scott Menville.


  • The clan's name is a reference to Scale Tail, a classic TMNT character and action figure.