Scale Tail figure
The Slitherin’ Slippery Sleezeball!

Vital Snaketistics

Accessories: Belly Bustin’ Backpack, Scale Shooter, Wattage Whip, Vicious Venom Pistol
Favorite Food: Mice and men and Mutants
Length: 20 ft. uncurled
Weight: 200 lbs. before feeding

Krang’s tired of taking on the Teens without professional help. So he’s brought in a new low-life bad guy. And when it comes to low-life, no one is lower than Scale Tail. He’s known as the highest paid bounty hunter from Dimension X. Scale Tail never fails to bag his bounty – and now he’s after the Turtles. This sleezeball is no slouch, ’cause he’s fully armed (okay, so they’re more like tentacles). Scale Tail’s got everything a belly-slidin’ psycho needs to cash in on the Turtle Teens. That venomous backpack holds more than just lunch! And be careful with that wattage whip – it’s electrified! Oh, and the most exciting aspect about Scale Tail – he can swallow the Turtles whole. So be on the lookout for Scale Tail, the dangerously digesting double-dealing Snake.

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