Savantiromero 2012
Savanti Romero
Biographical information

Earth (from the future)


Lemon Head

Date of death

Monsters Among Us!


Fire Breathing
Time Traveling

Weapon(s) of choice

Time Gauntlets
Time Scepter


Evil time master

Physical description




Eye color

Blue and Red

Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

Turtles in Time

Voiced by

Graham McTavish

Teachers and Students

Lord Simultaneous


Savanti Romero was an evil mutant time master and villain in the 2012 TV series who plotted to obtain Lord Simultaneous' Time Scepter to prevail over time and space.


The appearance of Savanti Romero very much resembles a demon. He is well-built, on his head there are goat's horns curved backwards. He has hooves instead of legs; he also has a long, massive tail. His skin is yellow and his eyes are red. Two large, sharp fangs grow out of his jaw.


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In this incarnation, Savanti's demonic form is not the result of a spell, but an unspecified mutation. Again, he tries to become the ruler of space and time, but is prevented by Renet and the Ninja Turtles and banished to the Cretaceous period. From there, however, he succeeds in escaping from his punishment, and in order to conquer the Earth, he recruited the most infamous monsters of Earth's history - Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, a werewolf and a mummy - and uses them to transform all inhabitants within the City of New York into monsters. However, he is beaten again by the Turtles and Renet and stranded again in the Cretaceous, where he promptly falls victim to a Tyrannosaurus Rex .


  • In this version, Savanti's demonic figure is not the result of a spell like his previous counterparts, but an unspecified mutation from the future. His personality and his role as the would-be ruler of time and space, however, correspond to his profile from the Mirage comics.
  • Savanti is a time master, not a time lord apprentice, another difference from his previous counterparts.
  • The name of the mutant is a reference to George Romero - the director of the movie Night of the Living Dead and to Tom Savini - a Special Effects Specialist.


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