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Sando Brothers
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Sando Brothers


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Rise of the TMNT

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The Evil League of Mutants

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The Sando Brothers are two crab mutants who appear in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Little is known about their past, other than they they were acrobats in a circus until they were both stung and mutated by Oozesquitoes (Apparently while they were both juggling crabs).

The Sando Brothers were first seen in "The Evil League of Mutants" where they attacked a biosphere and fought the Ninja Turtles. They overpowered the Turtles until they are teleported away. The Sando Brothers appeared in a room in the Radisson Hotel with Meat Sweats, Hypno-Potamus, Warren Stone, and Repo Mantis with Todd Capybara catering to them. Baron Draxum, Huginn, and Muninn assembled them together where they learned of his involvement in the Turtles creation as he brings them together as the Evil League of Mutants as part of a plot to defeat the Turtles. During the fight against the Turtles in New Jersey, the Sando Brothers and the rest of the Evil League of Mutants were defeated by the Turtles who used the fighting moves of Lou Jitsu.

They retreaded in Man VS. Sewer where they attacked Raphael after he was separated from the other turtles. They were no match for an enraged Raph, however, and he tried to spit-roast them.

Powers and abilities

Despite their mutation, the Sando Brothers have retained their skills as highly trained acrobats and aerialists, capable of out-maneuvering the Turtles in battle. They also have the ability to launch their claws as projectiles and regenerate them at an extremely rapid rate.


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