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In the IDW continuity, Sally Pride is a mutant lioness and a former member of Old Hob's Mighty Mutanimals who was first seen caged at Null Group's rail yard facility alongside Man Ray in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #2. During her time living with the Mutanimals, Sally served as their primary driver, pilot and mechanic, and later in Mutant Town also served as one of Hob's enforcement commanders in the neighborhood. But Sally's increasing disgust with Hob's more unethical actions eventually drove her to denounce Hob and quit an organization that had been her only family. Like most of the Mutanimals besides Hob, Sally has long been an informal friend of the Turtles, and since leaving the Mutanimals she has also become good friends with Jennika, Alopex and Mona Lisa. She eventually became the first mayor of Mutant Town, and after the fall of the wall and its integration into the wider New York City as a borough, she was ratified as its first borough president.


Despite her traumatic genesis, Sally has developed into an extremely optimistic, courageous and enterprising person. She is confident, comradely and friendly. Her greatest pride is her talent as a driver and pilot, which by her natural reflexes and training by the scientists of the Null Group was brought to perfection. To what extent does her confidence equate to (or exceed) her actual capabilities, is not known.


Sally Pride began her life as an ordinary lioness until she was selected by the Null Group for mutation experiments on behalf of the company chairman Madame Null to be part of a slave race. She, her companion Man Ray and the being called Mutagen Man were the only ones who survived the gruesome procedure, and had been tested because of her exceptional reflexes at the wheel of various vehicles.

After their growth and their education was completed, Sally and Man Ray were to be shipped off to the Foot Clan. Old Hob and his mutant team, however, had in the meantime learned of their existence and intended to free their mutant comrades. After a jailbreak, from the company due to an unexpected berserker attack by Slash was a success; Sally and Man Ray joined the Mutanimals and together with a stolen helicopter temporarily set back the Null Group.

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Well, I got a problem, that's for sure. "Sound strategy" or not, we're supposed to be a family, Hob. No more secrets. No more lies. If we're gonna have "complicated solutions," we damn well better have a say in them. Order from Chaos, part 4

Look, I know what he said. But you've got to understand... The first thing I remember... It's sticking my hand through some cold iron bars, and finding a warm hand to hold on to. I owe Ray my life. He was the only thing that kept me going. So I'm going back for him. You want to leave him to those monsters, fine. But get the hell out of my car. The Jersey Devil

Hob, this place is seriously lacking in adults. And your twisted idea of what's right and wrong always gets people hurt. City at War, part 8

I don't know... I don't know what I would do if I left Hob and the Mutanimals. I can't just... Go out and get a job or somethin', heh. This is all I got, y'know? TMNT #102

Well... I'm just one person, I can't tell them all what to do, and it's not that simple. I don't know how to get Hob to like, create the infrastructure to get the right things done. I don't know... It would've been easy when the Mutanimals were just me, Hob, Ray, Lindsey, Mondo... But it's not that at all anymore. Now we're like an army, or a police force, y'know? Ray and Herman just follow whatever crazy orders Hob gives them, Mondo and Seymour didn't want to be part of what Hob was doing anymore so they hit the road, Lindsey's human so she got evacuated... I don't like this any more than you do but I'm pretty much on my own here, guys. And it's extra hard trying to wrangle the worst enforcers like Diamond... TMNT #102

(to Hob) The Mutanimals are over. TMNT #103


  • Her surname was revealed on The Technodrome Forums by Paul Allor.[1] Her name was also revealed to be a pun on the name of astronaut and scientist; the late Sally Ride.[2]
  • A pride can also refer to a group of lions.

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