Sally pride
Sally Pride
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First aid


Mutant freedom fighter


Null Mutagen Laboratory (formerly)
Mighty Mutanimals

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Mutant Lioness



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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals issue 2

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Paul Allor
Andy Kuhn

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Sally Pride is a mutant lioness and a member of the Mighty Mutanimals who was first seen caged at Null Group's rail yard facility alongside Man Ray in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals issue 2.

She was later freed and joined up with Old Hob's Mutanimals.


Despite her traumatic genesis Sally has developed into an extremely optimistic, courageous and enterprising person. She is confident, comradely and friendly. Her greatest pride is her talent as a driver and pilot, which by her natural reflexes and training by the scientists of the Null Group was brought to perfection. To what extent does her confidence equivalent to (or exceed) her actual capabilities, is not known.

IDW Comics

Sally Pride began her live as an ordinary Lioness until she was selected by the Null Group for mutation experiments on behalf of the company chairman Madame Null to be part of a slave race. She, her companion Man Ray and the being called Mutagen Man were the only ones who survived the gruesome procedure, and had been tested because of her exceptional reflexes at the wheel of various vehicles.

After their growth and their education was completed, Sally and Man Ray were to be shipped off to the Foot Clan. Old Hob and his mutant team, however, had in the meantime learned of thier existence and intended to free their mutant comrades. After a jailbreak, from the company due to an unexpected berserker attack by Slash was a success; Sally and Man Ray joined the Mutanimals and together with a stolen helicopter temporarily set back the Null Group.


Well, I got a problem, that's for sure. "Sound strategy" or not, we're supposed to be a family, Hob. No more secrets. No more lies. If we're gonna have "complicated solutions," we damn well better have a say in them.


  • Her surname was revealed on The Technodrome Forums by Paul Allor[2]. Her name was also revealed to be a pun on the name of astronaut and scientist Sally Ride.[1]



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