Saint Robert's Orphanage


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Saint Robert's Orphanage is a orphan care facility in New York City. In Kingdom of Rats, part 2, Rat King passes it and sees the building largely destroyed (likely due to the EPF-Triceraton war), and forces its denizens into his thrall with a play of his flute. In Kingdom of Rats, part 4, the Turtles battle and force the Rat King to retreat, after which Splinter agrees to take in the children of St. Robert's Orphanage to live at Foot Headquarters.


  • The name of St. Robert's Orphanage is anachronistic in the story's early 21st century setting, since orphanages as institutions were phased out across the United States (and many other countries) in the latter half of the 20th century. Today, American orphans are typically raised in foster care. U.S. states also operate group homes for children in need of safety, education and life-skills development, but they are not called orphanages.