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Captain Ryan is the protagonist of Space Heroes and Space Heroes: The Next Generation, Leonardo's favorite TV shows in the 2012 TV series.


Captain Ryan is the captain of the Dauntless, as named in "New Girl in Town".

Ryan, being the main protagonist of the Space Heroes series isn't actually all that heroic, in fact he's quite egotistical and cowardly. He always pushes his orders through, often resorting to violence to get his way, no matter how dangerous his orders end up being to his crew and the people all around him. In addition he always slaps Crankshaw whenever he tends to panic or objects to Ryan's plans.

Ryan's main flaw is his complete disregard for anybody but himself. In "New Girl in town" he had very little objections to disintegrate Celestial after she turned on him, keeping her boots as a memento.

In "It Came From The Depths" when having his ship infested with Trumplets and Crankshaw telling him that they have to get rid of them in a humane manner, Ryan states that he's always in touch with his humanity, before ordering his crew to open up the hatches which has all the Trumplets being sucked out into space, leaving them to suffocate.

in "Mousers Attack!" he summond two of his crew to join him and Crankshaw on a mission only to have them both shot after arriving. When Crankshaw is in shock about the loss, Ryan admits that being cannon fodder was the reason they went along in the first place.

Captain Ryan later seemingly died in one of his episodes, going down with his ship and for once acting heroically. However, he returns In "Scroll of the Demodragon," in the sequel series "Space Heroes: The Next Generation" where it is shown that he hasn't aged all that well, having lost a lot of hair and gained a lot of weight. It also quickly becomes apparent that his egotistical behavior hasn't dimmed down with age.

Because when Captain Ryan's ship is being send a video com message by a delegation of the Nefrini who want to know why the Confederation is unfairly taxing their trade routes, Ryan starts to mock the Nefrini, stating that they bore him and ordering the crew of his ship to blow the Nefrini ship up. Crankshaw Jr. speaks up, objecting to attacking the Nefrini of which he claimed are a peaceful race and haven't done anything that would justify an attack but is quickly slapped by Ryan for not obeying his orders.

In "When Worlds Collide, Part 1" Ryan is seen confession his love to Shahana and plans to stay on Regal 4 with her when she is suddenly eaten by an unidentified alien beast which leaves Captain Ryan sad. When Crankshaw Jr. comes up and says that he saw everything that happened and asks if there's anything he can do, Captain Ryan slaps him, which causes Crankshaw Jr. to lose his balance and fall into the pit with the alien beast which presumably ate him as well. Ryan sighs and tells Scronus to port him up.

Despite Ryan’s awful personality, Leonardo regards and admires Captain Ryan as a true hero, being blind to the character’s many flaws.



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