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Rupert Swaggart
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Meat Sweats


Pink Pig Booty (by Donatello)
Sweaty Spaghetti (by Michelangelo)
Tree Sweats (by Mikey)


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Superior strength

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Meat tenderizer
Arm tendrils



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Red (as human)
None (as mutant)

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Black (as human)
Red (as mutant)

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"Unleash the flavor!"

Rupert Swaggart, who is usually referred to as Meat Sweats, is a former celebrity chef who was mutated into a pig. His arms are made of tendrils which latch onto other mutants in order to drain their power.

Meat Sweats is voiced by John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten.

Physical appearance

As a human

Rupert is a large man black eyes, curly red hair and a matching goatee. He wears a white chef's coat, a light and dark grey striped scarf (though in "Cloak and Swaggart", his scarf is light blue), blue pants and green crocs.

As a mutant

Meat Sweats is a massive mutant pig with pink skin, a pale pink torso, large fleshy arms with dark pink and purple bulges and dark grey hooves on his small feet. He has red eyes, a dark pink pig snout and jagged teeth. Meat Sweats wears a light grey folded chef's cap, large three-fingered grey gauntlets over his meat tendril hands, a light grey waist apron with brown stains and deep blue pants.


He is ill-tempered, brutal and malicious. Meat Sweats takes great pride in his culinary skills and is very attentive when preparing his dishes. He has acquired a taste for other mutants and developed an interest in cooking and eating the turtles.


Once a human celebrity chef that got stung by an Oozesquito on his TV show Kondenscending Kitchen while whacking a struggling contestant with some pig meat, Meat Sweats is now an incredibly strong mutant pig with a menacing meat tenderizer hammer and arms made of strange tendrils that latch onto other mutants to absorb their power.


He first appeared in "Donnie's Gifts", wherein the Turtles stumbled upon him harvesting some mutant silverfish. During the first fight, Meat Sweats caught Donatello. After using their gifts from Donnie to their advantage, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo fight Meat Sweats which ends with Meat Sweats getting thrown in front of an approaching subway train.

In "The Fast and the Furriest", Meat Sweats planned to feed on Splinter after the Turtle Tank goes on shopping cart mode. When the Turtles chase after them, Meat Sweats absorbs the abilities of a mutant spitting cobra in his possession to attack. After his attack was redirected by Leo, Meat Sweats threw out Splinter and the other lesser mutants in his possession and got away.

In "The Evil League of Mutants", he is recruited into the titular group by Baron Draxum.

He appears again in "Nothing But Truffle". He accidentally absorbs Todd's niceness and teams up with Mikey to collect a rare truffle.

In "Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man",

In "Cloak and Swaggart",

In "Battle Nexus: New York",


His skills as a chef were impressive enough to get him his own cooking show and restaurant before his mutation; skills he has retained and uses to prepare his victims into a gourmet meal.

Meat Sweats can use his arm tendrils to latch onto foes and siphon their essence, which causes him to temporarily gain whatever powers they possess. These are some examples of his power-copying abilities:

  • When he "fed" on some of the mutant silverfish, he gained the ability to separate himself into small "Mini Meats" when damaged.
  • When he "fed" on a mutant spitting cobra, he gained the ability to spit corrosive acid.
  • He briefly became nice after absorbing Todd's niceness.
  • After absorbing the essence of the mystical Were-Tree, he turned into a gigantic pig mutant/were-tree hybrid which Mikey dubbed "Tree Sweats". However, he was defeated when Todd threw a silver mallet at him, possibly indicating that he gained the Were-Tree's weakness when he absorbed its essence.

Even without his power absorption abilities Meat Sweats has tremendous physical strength and is every proficient using a hammer in battle.





I'm done with you, T.G.I. Parmesan; no meal is worth this!

That's NOT how you make a pork risotto! You've got to pound it to unleash the flavor!



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