Run of the Mill Pizza is a hidden location and pizzeria in the New York City of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is a yōkai establishment, but not located in the Hidden City.


Run of the Mill Pizza is a hidden pizzeria for supernatural beings whose portal is hidden behind a graffiti mural. In addition to serving pizza in a fairly typical manner, the restaurant offers a challenge for certain patrons known as the Maze of Death, wherein one or more challengers must traverse a trap-filled labyrinth without using any magical abilities in order to obtain the "World's Greatest Pizza". Challengers who make it through the maze successfully without using magical abilities will be placed on the "Wall of Champions", while those who break the rules of the challenge will be placed on the "Wall of Cheaters".

In "Minotaur Maze", the Ninja Turtles follow a Fire Yōkai into the entrance where Leonardo drags Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael into entering the Maze of Death after overhearing two patrons talk about it. When they were nearly crushed, burned, and impaled near the center of the maze, Leonardo was forced to use his sword's abilities to get them out of the trap. This angered the Minotaur who unleashed the vines in the center of the maze on them. As Michelangelo commented that they have tried better pizzas, the Minotaur felt offended and allowed them to have the World's Greatest Pizza to prove them wrong. When Leonardo asks if this will get them a spot on the Wall of Champions while commenting about his good side, the Minotaur says, "Wrong wall" and hits him with a vine. This gets the Turtles their picture on the Maze of Death's Wall of Cheaters with the comment "The Pizza is a knock out" underneath it.

In "The Fast and the Furriest", the Turtles arrive at Run of the Mill Pizza looking for the culprit who stole the Turtle Tank. When they start questioning some of the patrons about it, Señor Hueso criticizes their “bad cop routine“. Mikey then states that they are not the police, and Señor Hueso gleefully has them thrown out.

In "Operation: Normal", April, Leo and Donnie are seen sitting on a booth where a waiter had served them the Super Creepy Supreme pizza. While April was discussing about having something normal and Leo and Donnie enjoying the pizza, Exploding Frankie appears for someone's birthday. He explodes himself and, while Leo and Donnie covered themselves with the menu, April gets covered in slime.

In "You Got Served", Leo and Mikey work there as chefs and waiters for the Makers of Brutality, and the Masters of Barbarianism after all of Señor Hueso's staff flees. When they please the mob bosses, they would be rewarded with tiny unicorns. This leads them into making it a competition about who can get the most unicorns by the end of the night.

Known staff members

Menu items

  • World's Greatest Pizza: A pizza which is presumably the best one offered at the restaurant; it is offered as a prize upon a challenger's successful completion of the Maze of Death.
  • Super Creepy Supreme: A pizza topped with several small unidentified creatures, all of which remain alive when it is served.