Rook is a member of the Utrom High Council and creator of the Irmadroid, which she primarily uses as her method of mobility and communication.


The War for Dimension X[]

Rook was summoned for a meeting of the Utrom Council at the request of their ally, Prof. Honeycutt, to discuss not just the Utroms' origin for the Turtles to hear, but also because the Turtles need the location of the remaining two pieces of the Heart of Darkness so they can destroy it before it can be used on their home planet of Earth by the Triceratons. Before Rook and the other council members can tell the Turtles where to find the other pieces, the Utroms' headquarters is attacked by The Kraang led by Kraang Subprime, whom Rook carries a personal grudge with in regards to him stealing her robot body for his own usage for evil. In the fight, the Utrom Queen is captured and taken back to Kraang Subprime's base to be interrogated. Rook immediately deploys the Utroms' war policy, and the Utroms mobilize to get the Queen back. During the battle that follows around Kraang Subprime's base, Rook and Honeycutt take cover from the exchanging gunfire, where the professor requests the information for the remaining pieces of the Heart of Darkness. Fearing this could be the Utroms' last stand, Rook agrees to tell him, but before she can, her robot body's head is destroyed, preventing her from giving him the information, much to his frustration. Despite Rook being a casualty, the Utroms are victorious, and the Queen and Bishop still provide the Turtles with the intelligence they needed. It is presumed that Rook rebuilt her head section once back at the Utroms' headquarters.

When Worlds Collide, part 1[]

As a rouge Salamandrians known as the Newtralizer attacks their fellow Utrom, Rook and the other council members assign Bishop to head to Earth to deal with him, aided by support from the Earth Protection Force. When Bishop is forced to retreat back to the High Council chamber with the Turtles, April, Karai, Mona Lisa, and Sal Commander joining them, Rook reveals a device that could help stop Newtralizer, but the fiend arrives in the chamber, incapacitates Queen's Ms. Campbell body, and decapitates Rook, leaving her head to land in Pawn's hands before Newtralizer goes after him next before Bishop and Sal Commander manage to knock him through another portal and back to New York City, sparing Rook and the other council members from being Newtralizer's next victims.




Rook looks similar to the Irma body used by Kraang Subprime, but sports cyan hair with a gray hair clip, light cyan lip stick and nail polish, a gray tank top with another gray teal striped tank top underneath, gray hexagonal bracelet on one wrist and three on the other, gray checkerboard skirt, gray-rimmed glasses, and long, gray boots with high gray socks.


  • A recurring gag, similar to Kraang Subprime, is Rook getting her head blown off at some point in each of her appearances, though she manages to replace it by the next time she's seen.
  • Rook is the only member of the Council whose true Utrom form was never shown.
  • Rook shares the same voice actress with Irma.