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Ronnie Huxley
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1987 TV series

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Mobster from Dimension X

Created by

Jeffrey Scott

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Brandon Hammond

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Ronnie Huxley is a character in the 1987 animated TV series. He appears in the episode Mobster from Dimension X, and is the son of prominent scientist Alvin Huxley.

Ronnie happened to be present when the Globfather made his second attempt to steal Professor Huxley's protein computer. The professor slipped the organic brain of the protein computer into Ronnie's toy car before being abducted, and the boy unwittingly left with it.

The Globfather soon targeted the boy and nearly killed him in his pursuit of the protein computer, but he was rescued by the Ninja Turtles. They kept him close by as Donatello developed a control helmet for the protein computer, but Ronnie soon felt that they were not listening to him.

He was present during the final battle against the Globfather and Dregg, where he used his toy car to distract Dregg at a crucial moment. Afterwards, he was reunited with his father.

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