Rocksteady fw

Humanrocksteady tf

Biographical information

New York City, Technodrome


Caucasian American




Brute strength
Street fighting

Weapon(s) of choice

Laser machine gun
Wooden knife
Spiked club
Laser gun
Baseball bat
Anxietron Ray


Street thug, Shredder's henchman


Bebop and Rocksteady's gang
Foot Clan

Physical description

Human (former)
Mutant Black Rhinoceros (current)



Hair color

Blonde (as a human)

Eye color


Out of universe information

1987 TV series, Turtles Forever, 2012 TV series

First appearance

Turtle Tracks (Human)
Enter the Shredder (Mutant)

Created by

Peter Laird
David Wise

Played by

Cam Clarke (1987 TV series)
Johnny Castro (Turtles Forever)

Teachers and Students

Shibano Sama


"Say your prayers, toitles!!"

Rocksteady is a recurring villain in the 1987-1996 animated TV series.


Rocksteady was originally a Caucasian-American human member of a gang of criminals who operated under the Foot, when one of their thefts was interrupted by an attack by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Rocksteady was originally a short and stocky blond Caucasian man (who sported army camouflage pants that would be replaced with simple beige cargo pants later while also occasionally sporting an army helmet on his head in his mutated form). With the other members of his gang, he was sent out to stop a Channel 6 reporter named April O'Neil from doing a report about crime in the city. April ran down into the sewers while being chased by the street gang and met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who then defeated the gang in a fight.

After this humiliating setback, the Shredder developed a plan to defeat the Turtles by mutating members of the street gang, so that they would have abilities greater than the Turtles'. He and his friend Bebop were voluntarily mutated into evolved animals (though neither was particularly aware of what it would entail) with the promise that it would allow them to exact revenge on the Turtles and gain superhuman powers. He was held down by belts on a laboratory chair, and his DNA was mutated with a rhinoceros kidnapped from the zoo. Rocksteady became a half-man, half-rhinoceros. As a result, Rocksteady had the enormous strength of his animal counterparts, with the disadvantage being his appearance. Together with Bebop, the second victim of the experiment, Rocksteady supported Shredder henceforth in carrying out his plans. However, though the transformation did make them larger and stronger, they remained incompetent and were often inept at stopping the Turtles or carrying out Shredder's plans.

For example, in Enter the Shredder they charged at the Turtles, who jumped, and crashed into each other. Donatello commented that their mutations didn't "up their IQ's any." For most of the series they were employed for important purposes, much to the annoyance of the Shredder when they eventually fail. However, the Turtles certainly consider them to be formidable (despite their stupidity) in combat due to their great strength and endurance, and as such, often use their intelligence to outwit them rather than fighting them in a straightforward manner. But their attempts at the turtles seem to regularly fail due to their incompetence and goofy behavior, which all leads to them being abused both physically and verbally by Shredder and Krang.

However, in season eight, Rocksteady along with Bebop seemed to have some form of intelligence, but talked and joked around less. Rocksteady and Bebop's last appearance is in the season 8 finale Turtle Trek. In that episode, the Turtles destroy the Technodrome's engines, trapping it and its inhabitants in Dimension X for good. Rocksteady and Bebop are never seen again after that episode, while their bosses Krang and Shredder return during the 10th and last season. Rocksteady and Bebop are presumed to still be somewhere in Dimension X. Their whereabouts after being trapped in Dimension X were not explained.

Turtles Forever

They made a reappearance in the made-for-TV movie 'Turtles Forever'. In the flashback describing how the Turtles crossed dimensions, they said to their Turtle counterparts that they were facing off against Shredder and the Technodrome, meaning that he got the machine out of Dimension X (as well as Bebop and Rocksteady). Their incompetence is still shown, although it ended up saving the Utrom Shredder when Rocksteady accidentally tripped over and unplugged a laser that was about to destroy him, although Bebop ended up obliterating the Utrom Shredder anyway when he replugged the same laser device all the while thinking he would be pleased that they "fixed" his machine. All this happened just as the Utrom Shredder was unleashing a plan that would wipe out Ninja Turtles of all planes of existence (even if it meant destroying himself since he was still linked to them), so ironically... Bebop saved all of the Turtles in existence.

Outside of that, Rocksteady's human form was seen in a street scene with the other gang members when the Turtles arrive in the 80's Turtles dimension.

2012 TV Series

In Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady, Classic Rocksteady and his partner Bebop get left behind on accident when Classic Shredder and Krang use the Classic Technodrome to travel to the 2012 dimension. Shredder and Krang recruit the 2012 versions of Bebop and Rocksteady to do their bidding, dressing them up as their '87 counterparts. At the end of the arc, the '87 Turtles convince Bebop and Rocksteady to stop being Shredder and Krang's meat-shields. Rocksteady reveals that "he wants to be a personal injury lawyer".


  • Just like Bebop, Rocksteady is named after a genre of music.
  • In Muckman Messes Up, it is established that neither Rocksteady or Bebop can read.


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