The Peace-lovin Lounge Lizard!

Vital Rocktistics

Accessories: Battle Bass Guitar with Wonder Wheels, Beatnik Brick Pizza Protest Sign, Sunflower Pal
Favorite Song: Peace is Victory
Mondo's Motto: Peace or Die
Weight: 98 lbs. (without guitar)

Tune in, twist off & chill, cuz Rock 'n Roll Mondo Gecko's on the loose! This peace-lovin' lounge lizard would rather jam than fight,but if the Foot force him in a corner, he'll come out kickin. He's out to drive home his message of peace and pizza for all. And he'll beat up anyone who disagrees with him. He's a laid back lizard who can knock out squares with a swingin' selection of way-out weapons. Check out that beatnik brick pizza protest sign at the Gek's next performance. Get outta line and he'll clobber you! And his heavy duty battle bass guitar can deliver sounds like you've never heard,not to mention it gets 30 miles to the chord! This groovy guitarist is rockin' it all the way - and that means Mondo Gecko's here to stay!

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