The Techno Foot Clan Minion!

Robotic Foot Soldier Accessories: "Titanium" Turtle Shell Basher, Megatrode Mighty Mace Staff, Nasty Ninja Knife & Robo Rack
Least Favorite Thing: Rust
Favorite Thing To Do: Hunt Turtles

He's all new! He's all shiny! He's nearly all metallic! He's the Robotic Foot Soldier and he's power-plated, poundin' and pulverizin'! The Turtle teens best run fast, cuz this techno Foot Clan minion won't stop 'til every Turtle is stuck to the bottom of his shiny new shoes. Protected by Turtle-tenderizin' titanium steel, the Robotic Foot Soldier has nothing to fear - especially since he's not programmed to fear.

Using his master program to manipulate his Turtle slammin' tools with the skill of a Ninja soldier and the brute force of a malicious machine, the Robotic Foot Soldier hunts for anything with a hard shell. Once this metallic monster corners a Turtle, he lets 'em have it with his "titanium" Turtle shell basher and megatrode mighty mace staff. Once Shredder sends the signal to take no prisoners, this metallic Mutant minion plows forward with only one single, isolated destructive thought: destroy Turtles, destroy Turtles, destroy Turtles! There's no stoppin' him, there's no reasoning with him! He's a cold heartless machine and he's programmed for total Turtle destruction! Whoa, dude! This could be serious!



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