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Robert Anthony "Robbie" Rist (born April 4, 1964; 58 years old) was the voice of Michaelangelo in all three live-action TMNT movies. He is perhaps most famously known for portraying "Cousin Oliver" in the later seasons of The Brady Bunch. Rist would later voice another ninja, Choji Akimichi, in the English dub of the anime Naruto.

In the fifth episode of season 9 of the 1987 TV series, The Showdown, he voiced the one-off character Jet McCabe, as well as one of the alien guards.

Rist provided the voice of The Alien in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie which also had Stephen Mendel playing the film antagonist, General Dark Onward.

Rist reprised his role of Michelangelo in the Casey Jones fan-film. He also provides the voice of Mondo Gecko in the 2012 TV series.

Rist appeared on To Tell the Truth on 7/7/2019 in a segment where the three contestants said, "I am a ninja turtle."