Road Ready Splinter
Accessories - Mutatin' Hub Cap (Mutates into Ninja Star), Mutatin' Cane (Mutates into Anti-theft device), Ooze Canister

The master Mutates! That's right, Ninja fans, Splinter's usin' his master Ninja skills and special Mutation powers to master the road - rat style! Just a touch of Ooze, mixed in with some crushed spark plugs, is all it takes to start Splinter's engine. With just a few twists and flips, you can fully mutate Splinter into the Party Wagon - and he's in the driver's seat all the way! He's totally turned into a free-wheelin' radical rat with a mission - chase down the Foot! And when he gets to where he's goin', he can Mutate back and call the shots with his Clan-clobberin' weapons, like the Mutatin' hub cap and Mutatin' cane - that'll definitely put a dent in Shredder's fender! Splinter is one Mutatin' master with the pedal to the metal. Now, if he could just get Mike to stop borrowing him to go on midnight pizza runs!


  • The Mutatin' Hub Cap and Mutatin' Cane accessories were available in either yellow, red or blue plastic.


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