"The Fiery Turtle truck!"

Road Ready Leo

Accessories - Mutatin' Fire Extinguisher (Mutates into Bucket, Bullhorn & Fire Axe), Mutatin' Katana (Mutates into  Ninja Knife), Ooze Canister

When the sirens sound and there's a fire to be fought, Leo's ready to go-almost! He's not sliding down a pole to get into his truck-he's smarter than that! In a flash, you can help Leo turn himself into a fire truck with Leo himself at the wheel. Just a twist here and a tuck there and you can make Leo blaze into action! His four-wheelin' fire truck is road-ready just as fast as you can Mutate him. And when the fire's out and Leo says he's gonna take five, you can turn him back into a Turtle fireman. Never caught off-guard, though, Leo's ready to face any inferno, douse any incendiary device. And like a good Mutant fire fightin' hero, he's ready to roll into action ! Equipped with a real working retractable hook 'n ladder, a Mutatin' fire extinguisher that doubles as a bucket, bullhorn and fire axe and a Mutatin' katana, Leo's the most decked out, fully assembled fire dude you'll ever meet!


  • All of the figures accessories (except the Mutatin' Katana and Ooze Canister) were released in either yellow, red or blue plastic.


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