Road Ready Don
ACCESSORIES - Mutatin' Anti-freeze Can (Mutates into Anti-freeze Gun), Mutatin' Suspension Shock (Mutates into Bo), Ooze Canister

Wild ridin' Don finally has his own ser of wheels - and they're attached! Don's tired of Mutatin', then walkin', so he's mixed himself up a little Ooze and motor oil. Now when you Mutate him he burns rubber! A flip of the fender, a twist of the transmission and Don is one free-wheelin' wacky wonder. Now he'll never be late to a Foot bash or Pizza party, cuz Don's one tuned up Turtle, ready to roll into action. You can manipulate and Mutate him into the fastest sports car to ever grease a Foot. Don's the checkered flag winner of Mutations! And to help him out on his speedy sewer missions, Don's got his Mutatin' suspension shock, which turns into a bouncy bo. And when it gets icy, his Mutatin' anti-freeze can turns into an anti-freeze gun that'll definitely chill out the Foot. So get ready to get your hands dirty and team up with the Mutatin' pit crew for one wild road ready ride!



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