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Rita Repulsa is a female humanoid sorceress bent on intergalactic domination. Having conquered many worlds in the service of Lord Zedd, Rita was defeatedby Zordon of Eltar during her failed invasion of Earth. Imprisoned in a space dumpster by the sage, Rita was cast into space where she would float for ten thousand years before arcing back to the moon. Once freed, she and her minions reclaimed their headquarters and started a second campaign on Earth to defeat Zordon and take the planet for Lord Zedd.


Rita and the other Evil Space Aliens came to Earth to confront Shredder. MMPR/TMNT #2 After the two fight, they draw a truce until the Rangers and Ninja Turtles are defeated, following which they intend to resume their battle. MMPR/TMNT #3

Powers And abilities

  • Super Strength - As the main antagonist of Season 1, Rita Repulsa is stronger than any monster or villain of hers.
  • Teleportation - Rita can teleport to any location at will.
  • Mistress of Magic - A name given to her by Zordon. Rita Repulsa was shown to be skilled in the fields of magic. Most notable among her magic arsenal is her power to enlarge monsters and other beings with her staff, by throwing it towards the Earth with extreme accuracy.
    • Evil Being Summoning - Another magical ability notable to her is her ability to communicate and summon dark spiritual beings, as she summoned Lokar on two occasions and also the Ghost of Darkness.
    • Curses - Rita is also adept at casting curses on her enemies, as she was able to immobilize the Dragonzord with dark magic, and trapped three of the Power Rangers inside a storybook.
    • Magical Brainwashing - Also notable is Rita's ability to brainwash other people, turning them into their loyal and evil servants, as she did this to Tommy, Katherine, and Alpha 5 with little complications.

Weapons and equipment

  • Wand - Rita's main weapon is a wand which has many abilities.
    • Energy Blasts - Rita can fire a red beam of energy from her staff which explodes on contact. During her first appearance, these were powerful enough to destroy the Dumpster that she and the others were trapped in for 10,000 years.
    • Monster Enlargement - Rita's primary ability with her wand. By chanting "magic wand, make my monster/Goldar grow" and throwing her wand to Earth, RIta can open a giant chasm in the ground which gives the monster of Goldar enough energy to grow,
    • Monster Creation - Red can fire blasts from her staff's gem which can create monsters out of objects. However, she rarely used this power and preferred to use Finster and his Monster-Matic.

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