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[The episode begins in New York City. Everything was peaceful and quiet. As the camera moves to the sewer, we see four sons training.]

Leo: Yah!

Mikey: Oh,yeah! Michelangelo is on the move!

Leo: Heeyah!

Mikey: You don't know what to do. I'm here,I'm there. I could be anywhere. How do you stop what you can't even see?

Leo: Like that?

Mikey: Good one,Leo

Raph: All right,Donnie. Put down the staff  and no one gets hurt

Donnie: Uh,you said that last time,Raph,and then you hurt me

Raph: Yeah,but less than I would have

Donnie: Yeah,right. Wah! Ah! Yah! Should've dropped the staff?

Raph: Should've dropped the staff.

[the son started whacking his younger brother]

Donnie: Okay okay. Ow! I'm down!

Leo: Onegai shimasu

Raph: Whatever you say

Leo: Ah!

Raph: Agh! Nice try.

Splinter: Ya me.

[a master emerges from his room as the four sons seated.]

Splinter: You all did very well

Raph: But I did better

Splinter: This is about self-improvement,Raphael. It is not about winning and losing

Raph: I know,sensei. But I won and they lost. Ah,ah,ah! But what's really important is that we all did our best. Good job,everyone! Ah!

Splinter: Hee hee hee.

[theme song]

Mikey: There's a little more algae and worms left if anyone wants it. Anybody? Anybody?

Leo: No thanks

Raph: I'm good

Donnie: All yours.

Mikey: Well,I guess no one left room for...cake!


Donnie: It is a cake!

Raph: Made of...algae...and...worms

Leo: What's the frosting made out of?

Mikey: You don't wanna know. Happy Mutation Day!

Leo,Raph and Donnie: Happy Mutation Day!

Splinter: Ah,yes. 15 years ago today,our lives changed forever and we became the unlikeliest of families

Mikey: Tell us the story,Master Splinter.

Splinter: Michelangelo,I have already told it many times.

Mikey: Please! Pleeeease!

Raph: [covers his brother's mouth]Please. It's the only way to shut Mikey up.

Splinter: Ah, very well. [the flashback begins] Many years ago, when I was still human,I was leaving the pet store with four baby turtles

Mikey: That was us?

Splinter: Yes. Don't interrupt! I passed a strange man on the street. Something felt off about him. I decided to follow.

Kraang:Go no further. This place is a place where you are not allowed to be in this place. We have been seen in this place by you,so this is not a place that will be left by you.

Splinter: That was the beginning of our life together. It was the mysterious substance in this canister that,in a way,gave birth to us all.

Mikey: Mom.

Leo: So sensei, now that we're 15, I think we're finally ready to go up to the surface,don't you?

Splinter: Yes and no.

Mikey: Oh,man,come on.


Raph: I hate when he does that.

Splinter: You have grown powerful,but you are still young. You lack the maturity to use your skills wisely

Donnie: So, sensei, isn't that just no?

Splinter: Yes...and no. Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes

Donnie: Aha! So in order for us to gain the wisdom,we have to make the mistakes. So we can go.

Splinter: No.

Donnie: And yes?

Splinter: No!

Donnie: Oh...

Leo: Sensei, we know you're trying to protect us,but we can't spend our whole lives hiding down here.

[The master looked at his sons with their eyes sparkling huge.]

Splinter: Mm. You may go tonight.

Mikey: High three!

Ryan:(on TV) Mr.Crenshaw, status report!

Cranshaw:(on TV) Status? I'll give you the status! We're gonna blow up in two seconds! Thank you, Captain,

Leo: Gentleman, I have a bold and daring plan. There's no time for hesitation. My orders must be carried out without question!

(on TV) Aye,sir!

Raph: You know this show is stupid,right?

Leo: Space Heroes is a great show and Captain Ryan is a great hero. Someday,I am gonna be just like him

Raph: Well,you do like to hear yourself talk,so you're on your way

Mikey: It's go time!

[the sons prepare to go up to the surface with weapons. A bo, two sais, two kanatas, and two nunchucks.]

Splinter: You are going up to a strange and hostile world. You must maintain awareness at all times

Leo,Raph,Donnie & Mikey: Aye,sensei!

Splinter: Stay in the shadows

Leo,Raph,Donnie & Mikey: Aye,sensei!

Splinter: Don't talk to strangers

Leo,Raph,Donnie & Mikey: Aye,sensei!

Splinter: Everyone is a stranger

Leo,Raph,Donnie & Mikey: Aye,sensei!

Splinter: Make sure you go before you leave. The restrooms up there are filthy

Leo,Raph,Donnie & Mikey: Sensei!

Splinter: Good luck,my sons

Turtles:I am so pumped! Surface time! Oh,this is gonna be epic!

Splinter: Look both ways before crossing the street!

[As we up up into the streets of New York, everything was peaceful and quiet up here. A hand opened a manhole cover and the four figures came out. The world is a strange place.]

Mikey: It's so beautiful

Leo: The city is just full of possibility. There could be an adventure around this corner...or...or this one...or this one! There's not, but there could be!

Donnie: Look at all the computers! Is that the next generation cadmium processor with quantum encryption?

Raph: I don't know, Donatello. Is it?

Donnie: It is!

Mikey: Guys, guys! Check this out. A hand made out of light. Now it's an eye made out of light. And the hand again! Now the eye's back! Now the hand!

Raph: Come on, genius

Mikey: The eye!

Donnie:So where to next?

[a human kid stops and saws the four creatures. One scares him as the kid drove off in his motorcycle.]

Raph: That was kinda fun.

Leo: We're too exposed out here. Come on!

[One stops to see a small box there. Later there are on the roof.]


Donnie:Should we open it?

Leo:Careful! It could be dangerous.

[Knowing this, they open the box.]

Donnie:I think it's food.

Raph: It's not like any food I ever saw.

Mikey:I'll try it.

[the youngest took a slice of pizza and took one nip..His brain explodes. It feels like he liked it. e scarfed it all up.]

.Mikey:Uh, yuck. You guys won't like it. I'll take the rest.

Turtles::No way! Nuh-uh! Back off!

Raph:I never thought I'd taste anything better than worms and algae, but this is amazing! Right?

Mikey: I love it up here!

[later on they were on the rooftops having a lot of fun.]

Leo:All right, guys, it's getting late. We should probably head back home.

Donnie:Guys! Look at that!

[The bottom of the city reveals two people. A man named Kirby O'Neil and a teenage girl named April. The creature's heart started to pound and starts drooling.]

Donnie:She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Raph:Isn't she the only girl you've ever seen?

Donnie:My point still stands.

Kirby O'Neil:What? What is this?

[April shivered as the men were about to do.]

Donnie:We gotta save 'em!

Leo:Splinter's instructions were very clear. We're supposed to stay away from people. And bathrooms.

.Raph:I thought you wanted to be a hero. Since when do heroes ask for permission?

Leo:They don't. But ...

Donnie:Well, I'm going!

April:Help! Help!


[he let out a punch at the man while the rest fought, the man rose up a strange warbling sound echoed.]

Raph:Still standing, huh? I'll fix that

[He bumped into his brother]

Raph:Watch it!

Leo:You watch it!

[It started getting weird they keep bumping on to each other while trying to fight the men.]

Raph:Watch it, Donnie!

[This was not working at all They continue bumping to each other sword hits to bo and swords stabbing to someone's shell and getting stuck with sais.]

Raph:Oh, come on!

April:Hey, cut it out! Stop! Ow! Let go of me!

[One notice April is smuggled away and hurled his bo at him he cached April without getting her hurt.]


[April looked up at the strange creature who let a a charmed smile. Without any warning, April screamed. causing the creature to scream also too dropping her]

Donnie:AAGHH!! No, no, no. No. Don't worry. We're the good guys.[April screams again] It's okay.

[April turn to see that the men are coming closer and she looked at the strange creature. he let out a hand to help her up however his younger brother accidentally hit him with his nunchucks.]

Mikey:Whoops! Sorry. Watch out!

[the man kicked them away and took April into the Van and drove off.]

Donnie:Huh? They're getting away! They got the girl![he ran off]

Raph:You just jabbed me with your sword.

Leo:Well, I didn't know you were gonna land where I was stabbing.

[the small turtle was all alone as the men walk toward him.]

MIkey:You think you're tough, huh? You think you're tough enough to stand up to my hot nunchuck fury?

[He slashed his nunchucks around one the man grabbed one of the nunchucks.]

Mikey:Huh? I see. Well, then... Aah!

[He flees. he suddenly gets cornered as the man walk toward him. He slashed his kusarigama around.]

Mikey:Stay back! [the man collapse] What the..? [he slowly move him on his back] That is all kinds of wrong.

[All of a sudden a pinkish brain creature screeches. The young turtle screamed as it grabs his face. Struggling to get the creature off it slammed right on the wall and scurried away. Panting for breath, he ran off to find the others.]

Mikey: Guys! Guys! You're never gonna believe this! That dude, he.. he.. Had a brain!

Leo:We all have brains, Mikey.

Donnie:Not all of us.

Mikey:In our chests?

Leo:No, Mikey. Not in our chests.

Mikey:You're not listening to me! [Leo slaps him] Did you just slap me?

Leo: I was calming you down.

Mikey:Why would that calm me down?

Donnie:I think he's delusional.

Mikey:Just-just come here. [he walks off to show his brothers]I'm telling you. The big guy was a robot and he had a freaky-weird alien brain thing in his chest. You gotta believe me.

Raph:I'm not sure we do. -

Mikey:Oh, yeah? Well, you'll change your tune when you see that he's [but there was no one here]...Gone?

[the boys left and MIkey stared the way the alien and the body had been as we cut to the lair.]

Splinter: And so your inability to work together allowed them all to get away.

Raph:Well, maybe if I didn't have to waste time arguing with hero boy, I could've saved them.

Leo: Hey, if you hadn't gotten in my way, I could have done it. And you went flying off on your own. How smart was that?

Donnie:Well, it would've worked out great if somebody hadn't hit me in the head with their nunchucks!

Mikey:Well, none of this would've happened if.... somebody hadn't trusted us to go up there in the first place. Oh, geez. Sensei, I didn't mean to-

Splinter: No, Michelangelo. You are right.

Mikey:I am?

Turtles:He is?

Splinter:You were not fully prepared for what was up there. I trained you to fight as individuals, not as a team. And as your teacher, your father, the responsibility for that is mine. Perhaps in another year we can try again.

Donnie:Another year? Ha! Has everybody forgotten that people were kidnapped? They don't have a year! sensei, we have to do something now! You weren't there, sensei. You didn't see the way that girl looked into my eyes. She was scared. And she was counting on me us to save her!

Splinter: Yes, you must save her.

Leo:I agree, sensei. But in that fight, we weren't exactly a well-oiled machine

Mikey:Like that robot with the brain thingy.

Raph:Give a rest!

Splinter:Hmm. If you are to fight more effectively as a unit, you are going to need a leader.

Leo:Can I be the leader?

Raph:Why should you be the leader? I kicked your butt. I should be the leader.

Donnie:Hey, I'm smarter than all you guys put together. It should be me.

Mikey:No way! It should be me! I don't really have a reason. I just think it would be neat.

Splinter:This is a difficult decision. I will meditate on it. It's Leonardo.

Leo:No hard feelings, Raph?

Raph:Stick it in your shell.

[We cut to the rooftops]

Mikey:Explain to me one more time what we're doing here.

Leo:Mikey, we've been over this. That building has the same logo as the van that was used to kidnap the family. So if we wait here long enough, one of the kidnappers will eventually show his face. And when he does, we'll make him tell us where they took them.

Mikey:And then we got ourselves a van!

Leo:Just hit the guy I tell you to.

Mikey:Will do!

Raph:Are you sure this is gonna work?

Leo:Trust me. They'll be here any second.

Mikey:Okay, I'm thinking of something green. Ga-reen. Ga-reen.

Donnie:Is it Raphael again?

Mikey:Man, you're good at this!

Raph:Give it up already. The guy's not gonna show.

Leo:We have to be patient.

Raph:No, you have to come up with a better plan, 'cause the four of us standing here with our thumbs up our noses .

Mikey:I don't think they'd fit.

Raph: Is pointless.

Leo:You sure about that, Raph?

Raph: He just showed up, didn't he? I should've complained two hours ago.

Leo:Gentlemen, I have a bold and daring plan. There's no time for hesitation. My orders must be carried out without question. [noticed that his brothers are gone]Guys? Guys, wait up!

[He joins after them.]

Raph: All right, buddy. We can do this the easy way, or my vote the hard way.

Donnie:Yeah, look at it logically. There are four of us and one of you. What are you gonna do? -

[the man started shooting lasers at them as the turtles jump high to avoid them.]

Raph:You had to ask! -

Donnie:He's getting away again! -

Leo:No, he's not..

Leo:Now we're getting somewhere.

[they got back the ground. Leo began to give hand signals.]

Raph:I don't know what that means.

Leo:Go around back.

Mikey:Why didn't he just say so?

[they crept to the bottom of the van and as they did a single canister slipped out and rolled to the ground to Mikey's feet.]


Part 2 

Leo:So that's the..

Donnie:Mutagen that turned us all into what we are now.

Mikey:Let's drink some!

Raph:What? Why would you do that?

Mikey:'Cause if you mutate a mutant, you get a super mutant!

Donnie:Or a pile of goo on the sidewalk. Either way, it's an improvement.

Leo:Guys, this is huge. Whoever kidnapped those people are somehow connected to what happened to us 15 years ago.

Donnie:How is that possible?

Mikey: For alien robots, anything is possible.

Donnie:Stop that. There are no such thing as alien robots!

Mikey:Oh, yeah? Well, if there's no such thing as alien robots, how do you explain this?

Snake:Aah! Aah! My face!

Mikey:Man, this mask is glued on tight!

Leo:Mikey, stop! It's not a mask.

Mikey:Okay. He's in the clear. But those other guys were totally alien robots.

Raph:Enough![grabs the mutagen Donnie was holding] Time to get some answers. Who are you, and what's going on?

Snake:Name's Snake, and I got nothing to say to you hideous freaks.

Raph:Oh, well, that's 'cause you don't know us yet.

[Snake tried to get away but Donnie and Mikey hold him.]

Raph:See, we were just regular guys until we got hit with a little of this.

Snake:Wha-what are you doing?

Raph: Playing a little game I like to call Mutation Roulette. Now you could turn out handsome like me, or you might end up disgusting and deformed, like Mikey here.

Mikey: Hey!

Raph:So, you feel lucky? [he was about to pour the mutagen on to Snake.]

Snake: Okay, okay! They call themselves the Kraang. They been grabbing scientists from all over the city.

Leo:Well, that worked out pretty good.

Raph: Of course it did. Would you wanna look like MIkey?

MIkey:I'm right here.

Leo:What do they want with scientists?

Snake: I don't know. All I know is they're taking them out of the city tonight, but I don't know where!

Donnie:This is awesome! That girl's dad is a scientist. I'm a scientist. She is so gonna like me.

Snake I don't think you're her type.

Leo:Where are they now?

[A few moments later the turtles are on the rooftops while Snake is held prisoner.]

Leo:There's gotta be, like, Yeah, and that's just the ones we can see.

Raph: All right! An all-you-can-beat buffet!

Leo:We can't just rush in there. We need a plan.


Donnie:Think, you shellbrain. There are innocent lives at stake. If we screw this up, they're all goners.

Leo:Then we won't screw it up.

Mikey:Boy, I could sure go for some of that pizza right now, huh? What? I can't be the only one that's hungry.

Leo:Where's Snake?

Mikey: Oh, geez.

Leo:Get him!

Donnie: Maybe he went over the wall.

Mikey: I'm on it!


Mikey: Ow. I don't think he went this way.

Leo:Oh, great. We let him get away.

Raph:Whoa, whoa. You're the leader. That means you let him get away. -

Leo: You're not helping. -

Raph: I'm not trying to help.

Leo:Ok ok.You want me to lead? Fine. We go back to the lair, gear up, and at midnight, we drive snake's van right up to the gate. They'll think we're him, and we'll cruise right in.

Raph:And then we bust some heads?

Leo:And then we bust some heads.

Raph:I love a happy ending.

[They leave while Snake was at the corner. At the lair the other turtles were preparing for the rescue. Donnie was creating climbing claws, while Raph is talking to his pet Turtle.]

Raph:I know you're a little worried about me. Look, I'm not gonna lie to you. We've never gone into a fight like this, and I don't know what's gonna happen. But you don't have to worry. I will make it back. I love you, man.

Mikey:Aww. Are you talking to your pet turtle?

Raph:No. Shut up!

Mikey:That's adorable.

Raph:Oh, I'm gonna crush you! [starts chasing Mikey] I'm gonna shellac you!

Leo:I think this plan is gonna work.

Splinter:No plan ever survives contact with the enemy. It is how you react to the unexpected that will determine if you and your brothers succeed.

Leo:Sensei, do you think I'm ready for this?

Splinter:Leonardo, I made you leader for a reason.

Leo:What is that reason?

Splinter:That is for you to discover on your own. There's so much riding on this.

Leo:What if something goes wrong?

Splinter:Failure is a possibility every leader must face, Leonardo. It is something I had to face in Japan during my final battle with my enemy, the Shredder. [flashback begins]Years ago, Oroku Saki, as Shredder was called then, had been my friend, but the love of a woman came between us. He could not accept it, and his jealousy turned outward in a vengeful attack. And while he could not defeat me that day, my world fell and crumbled around me as the battle took the life of my beloved Tang Shen, and I lost my baby daughter, Miwa.

[end of flashback]

Leo:But that's my point, sensei. You lost everything.

Splinter:I lost many things. My family, my home, my name. But I gained many things as well, like the four of you.

Leo: Don't worry. We can handle this.

Raph:[still chasing Mikey as he screams]Get back here!

[deep in Kraang hideout. April was banging on the cell door.]

April:Hey, you can't keep us in here like this! We know our rights!

Kirby: I don't think they care about that, April.

April:We can't just sit here. We've gotta do something.

Kirby:Like what?

April:Oh, my stomach! The pain is unbearable!

[April started to attack the Kraang while Kirby tried to escape. But they both get toss into the cell]

April: Well, I guess we can just sit here.

[meanwhile outside]

Snake:They'll be here any minute.

Kraang:Kraang, are those who are coming to this place coming to this place?

Kraang 2:I lack that knowledge, Kraang. I will inquire of Kraang about that knowledge. Do you have the knowledge if those coming to this place are near this place, Kraang?

Snake:They're turtles! Call them turtles! "Are the turtles here?"

Kraang 3:There are lights of a vehicle which contain that which you wish us to call the turtles coming to this place which you wish us to call here.

Snake:What are you talking about?

[The truck crashed into the hideout as Snake drops back. Some of the mutagen landed on him and he begin to mutant into something horrible.]

Kraang:The ones coming to this place are not in the vehicle bringing them to this place.

Kraang 2:Then in what place are the ones called the turtles?

Mikey:Wow, lucky thing that van showed up to distract them.

Donnie:[gets hit by his own claw]Ow!

Leo:That was the plan, Mikey. We knew snake was hiding in the alley, so Raph and I made him think we would be in the van.

Mikey:But we weren't in the van.

Leo:Just keep climbing.

Mikey:Can do.

[The turtles enter the hideout.]

Donnie:Wow, I've never seen anything like this. They're using a metal alloy that I don't even recognize.

Raph:Gosh! A metal alloy even you don't know about! It boggles the mind.

Donnie:Dude, you wanna talk metallurgy with me? Bring it.

Raph:I don't, and-

Leo:Guys! What part of being in an enemy lair do you not understand?

[The continue on and they saw the Kraangdroids.]

Donnie:Whoa. Alien robots.

Mikey:Alien robots, huh? Hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah! I've been saying it for hours!

[They begin to attack the kraang. After they did. The pinkish alien thing pops out of the body and screeches at them. Mikey knocks the kraang out cold.]

Mikey:See? See? It's a brain thing! I told you! I told you! But did any of you believe me? No! 'Cause you all think I'm just some kind of bonehead! [the kraang screeches awake and bites him on the arm]Ow!

[he tried to get it off but it sent flying on a button triggering the alarm. It screeched and ran off.]

Leo, Donnie, Raph:Mikey!

Mikey:Okay! But I was still right about the brain thing. You gotta give me that.

Leo:Let's move.

Raph: Move where?

Donnie::I think those are power conduits.

Raph:Oh! That's really interesting! Thanks for sharing, Donnie.

Donnie:Meathead, the conduits are all converging that way, which means that whatever is going on in that direction is important!

Mikey:You got spanked. Ow! Ow! Mercy! Not cool.

[The ran though the hallways and found the two humans.]

Donnie:We found 'em!

Leo:We'll hold them off! You pick the lock.

Donnie:Don't worry! I'll have you out of there in a second.

April:Okay, giant lizard-thing.

Donnie:A turtle, actually. I'm... I'm Donatello.


Donnie:Wow, that's a pretty..Omph!

Leo:The lock, Donnie!

Donnie:Yeah oh, right, yeah! Sorry.

April:Not to rush you, but hurry up!

Donnie: Hey! You think it's easy trying to pick a lock with these hands?

April:Uh, sorry.

Raph:Oh, for the love of get out of my way!

[Raph started to stab the controls while the other kraang saw what their doing.]



Leo:Get the door!

[Raph grabbed the kraang's arm and blocks the door. Banging came from inside,]

Raph:That'll hold 'em. What?

Leo:You are seriously twisted.


April: No! Let me go!

Leo:Let's get 'em!

[They follow after them but soon stopped to see a new mutant. It no longer look like a human it looks like a plant. with venus flytrap tongues, a heart in the throat and a face of a mantis.]


Snake/Snakeweed:You did this to me! Now you're going to pay!

Leo: It's Snake! He mutated into a Giant weed!

[The thing screeched and growled]

Mikey:That's weird. You'd think he'd get mutated into a snake.

Raph:Yeah, you would, if you were an idiot.

Mikey: But his name is Snake.


Mikey:You don't understand science.

[the plant mutant screeched. His feet rose up ]

Snakeweed:I'll crush you turtles!

Donnie:Uh, would it help if we said it was an accident? So, heh, I'll put you down for a no?

[they begin to battle the new boss.]

Mikey:Eww! Eww! Don't let it touch me! Don't let it touch me! AAH! IT TOUCHED ME!

[the vine started to grow longer impressing Snakeweed.]

Donnie:It grew back? No fair!

Leo:Donnie! Go!

Raph:And Yuck.

Mikey: Snakeweed is really powerful! -


Mikey:Yeah! His name was Snake, and now he's a weed, so..

Raph:We get it!

Leo:We just have to hold it off until Donnie gets back. [the door bangs open and the kraang came out.]While not getting shot by alien robots.

Mikey: With brains!

Raph: Let it go, man. Huh? What's the plan again, chief?

Leo:I'm working on it. Whoa! The power conduits.

Raph:Are we really gonna start talking about that again?

Leo: Perfect. Raph! Mikey!

[He used hand gestures and the two believed him. Meanwhile Donnie jumped on to the rails of the helicopter.]

Donnie:Oh, good! For a second there, I thought this was gonna be too easy!

[Kraang started to shoot at Donnie as he avoid them. April started to fall and grabbed the railings]

Donnie:Hold on! I'm coming!

[April loses her grip Donnie jumps off and grabs her and they plummet safely.]

Donnie:You okay?


[April and Donnie went back to find the turtles still fighting Snakeweed and the droids.]

Donnie: What are they doing? They're leading him straight toward that power generator! That's incredibly stupid! Or brilliant. Or or both!

Leo:Hey, come and get me, stinkweed!

[The kraang still attack just as Snakeweed gets hit by the generator and he explodes into flesh. They succeed and they left along with April.]

Kraang:Kraang, the ones in this place are not in this place where they were.

Kraang 2 The ones are called turtles, Kraang. They are dangerous to what we are doing in this place and other places.

Kraang:Yes, I am knowledge of that. The turtles must be eliminated from all places.

[From Snakeweed's corpse, the body started to reanimated with the heart beating. From far away, April is back in her apartment.]

Donnie:Are you gonna be all right?

April:I guess. My aunt says I can stay here as long as I want, but I'll be a lot better when I track down the creeps that took my dad.

Leo:Won't the police help?

April:Funny thing. When you tell them your dad was kidnapped by alien brains in robot bodies, they don't take you all that seriously.

MIkey:I hear that.

Donnie:April, I promise you we will not rest until we find him.

Raph:We won't?

Leo: No, we won't.

April:Thank you, but it's not your fight.

Donnie:Yes, it is.

[April let out a gentle smile which made Donnie blush. The Turtles leave and April goes inside and closes the window and cuts to the lair.]

Splinter:I am impressed, Leonardo. You proved to be an effective leader under the most difficult of circumstances.

Leo:Thank you, sensei. And I think I figured out why you made me leader.

Splinter:Oh? Why is that?

Leo:Because you sensed inside me a true warrior's spirit that could forge us all into the heroes we are destined to become.


Leo: Then why did you make me leader?

Splinter:Because you asked.

Leo:That's it?

Splinter:But you seemed so certain you were right. As a leader, you will learn that there is no right and wrong, only choices.

Leo:So you could have chosen any of us?

Splinter: Yes.

Leo: Even Mikey?

Splinter:No. That would have been wrong.

Mikey:Everybody! Come here! We made the news!

Carlos Chang:A report of get this ninjas in New York. Don't believe me? After residents reported a disturbance, the police recovered this. For channel six news, this is - Carlos Chang O'Brien - Gambe saying, "Hi-ya!"

Mikey:This is awesome! We're gonna be famous!

Splinter:You must be more careful. The ninja's most powerful weapon is the shadows. Being brought out into the light is a dangerous thing.

Raph:Relax, sensei. It's one little news story. What's the worst that can happen?

[Far away in Tokyo.]

Carlos Chang:Ninjas in New York. Don't believe me? After residents reported a disturbance, the police recovered this. Recovered this.

Shredder/Oroku Saki:So my old enemy is in New York, and training his own army. At last, I can finish what I started so long ago. Prepare my jet. I'm going to visit an old friend.

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