Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie is a 2022 animated martial arts superhero comedy film based on the 2018 series of the same name. It is a Netflix streaming service exclusive produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and distributed by Netflix. Chronologically, the movie takes place after the events of the season 2 finale.


When a mysterious stranger arrives from the future with a dire warning, Leo is forced to rise and lead his brothers, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey in a fight to save the world from a terrifying alien species... the Krang.

Netflix title synopsis[]

The teen turtles and their mystic ninja powers are put to the ultimate test when ruthless creatures from another universe look to unleash extreme chaos.[1]

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Listed in order of credits

  • Janitor Man - Ben Schwartz
  • Office Man 1 - Omar Benson Miller
  • Security AI, Tank AI, Dragged Man - Josh Brener
  • Café Woman 3 - Kat Graham
  • Radio Newscaster - Eric Bauza
  • Military Soldier 1 - Jim Pirri
  • Window Woman - Toks Olagundoye
  • Panicked Man, Military Soldier 2, Van Mover - Rob Paulsen
  • Security Guard, Office Man 2, Café Man - Eugene Byrd
  • Office Woman 1, Office Woman 2 - Meghan Falcone
  • Incidental Girl, Café Woman 1, Café Woman 2 - Nika Futterman
  • Helicopter Reporter, Van Mover 1, Male Bystander - Oliver Vaquer


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In the year 2044, Leonardo runs through an active battlefield in a demolished New York aided by Casey Jones II. Casey and Leo are suddenly charged by Krang monsters, however, Michelangelo intercepts their attack. With the resistance forces having been well-nigh destroyed, Leo declares the Earth's defeat by the Krang. He and Mikey then agree to send Casey back in time using a time gateway to prevent the Krang apocalypse from occurring by having him ensure the Krang remain in their prison dimension by retrieving and guarding its Mystic Key. Mikey opens a time gateway, but is consequently obliterated by his overwhelming mystic energy. Leo tosses Casey through it before being vaporized by the laser of a Titan. Casey successfully arrives in present-time Times Square and resolves to complete his mission to prevent the Krang apocalypse.

In the year 2020, a few months after the defeat of the Shredder[2], Leonardo has become the leader of the Mad Dogs. On the Brooklyn Bridge, he bests Donatello's pizza box stack record and celebrates with him and Michelangelo before being alerted by Raphael of a theft unfolding by Hypno-Potamus and Warren Stone involving a strange key. The Turtles manage to stop them, but the Foot Clan arrives and claims the Mystic Key. Raph and Leo argue after returning to the lair due to the latter's self-centeredness before the dispute is subdued by Splinter's intervention.

At Eastlaird University, April O'Neil trespasses into a laboratory and steals powerful herbicides Eastlaird has been engineering as part of her investigative journalism. She realizes she is being followed by a stranger as she leaves the building and knocks him unconscious. April then notices his possession of a photograph of her, Splinter, and the Turtles.

April takes the stranger to the lair where he wakes, overjoyed to see the family together. The family hasn't the slightest clue of his identity and the stranger explains that he is from the future, introducing himself as Casey Jones. An alien species known as the Krang has invaded Earth in his future and the resistance created to oppose them has fallen. In one final attempt to save Earth, his masters, Leo and Mikey's older selves, sent him back in time to stop the invasion by finding a key that allowed the Krang to come to Earth. Knowing of the Krang, Splinter elaborates that they are worshipped by the Foot and came to Earth long ago, but were exiled to another dimension by a band of warriors who created the Mystic Key. Raph then ushers them all on a mission to take the Mystic Key from the Foot.

The Turtles, along with Casey, April, and Splinter, pursue the Foot, who have opened the portal to the Krang prison dimension and released Krang One, Krang Two, and Krang Three. Their fight against Krang One causes them to lose access to their Hamato Ninpō and they retreat back to the lair using Donnie Pods. Aware that the Krang are trying to free the Technodrome from the dimension as well, Leo disobediently seizes the Mystic Key and closes the portal. Just before Krang One can strike him down, Raph saves Leo, but his shell is fractured as a result. To protect Leo, Raph forces him to use his own Donnie Pod to return to the lair while he is captured.

Back at the lair, Leo accuses Casey of having secretly known Raph would be kidnapped and Casey assures him that Raph's capture didn't occur in his time, soon after recognizing they have altered history. Leo prioritizes Raph's return to the family over Casey's mission and demands Mikey, Donnie, and Casey embark on an immediate effort to get him, leaving April and Splinter to destroy the Mystic Key together at the lair so the Krang can never utilize the Technodrome.

The Krang locate the lair by reading Raph's mind and transform the Foot into Krang zombies. They are sent after the Mystic Key led by Krang Two while Krang One and Krang Three prepare to reopen the portal on top of Metro Tower, New York City's tallest building.

Casey regales each of the Turtles with impressive tales of their future selves during their journey to the Metro Tower subway. Upon arrival, they realize that the subway is already Krang-infested and are quickly attacked.

April and Splinter's attempts to destroy the Mystic Key are fruitless, but before they can continue trying, they are alerted of Krang Two and her army's intrusion of the lair and flee from them with the Mystic Key.

Casey and the Turtles are nearly destroyed by the Krang in the subway tunnels and are split up, with Mikey and Donnie retreating to the Turtle Tank while Casey and Leo become trapped in a control room. After escaping the lair, April and Splinter are notified of Mikey and Donnie's predicament and arrive at the subway to free them, but are afterward forced to run from Krang Two's approach.

In the control room, Casey chastises Leo for his continual dismissal of his teammates' input. Leo comes to terms with his mistakes, reconciling and escaping with Casey. They reunite with Mikey, Donnie, April, and Splinter elsewhere in Metro Tower, but soon notice that Raph is suspended in the room within a peculiar cocoon. Leo slices open the cocoon to free him, but is only met with hostility as Raph turns into a Krang zombie. Raph seizes the Mystic Key from them as Krang Two and her zombies arrive to destroy Splinter, Casey, and the Mad Dogs. Krang One and Krang Two then leave with Raph for the top of Metro Tower and unseal the Prison Dimension with the Mystic Key, finally bringing forth the Technodrome. Krang One, Krang Two, and Krang Three each don their Titans and officially commence their assault on Earth.

Having escaped from the Krang zombies in Metro Tower, Splinter, Casey, and the Mad Dogs watch hopelessly as the invasion begins. Leo eventually affirms that they have truly changed the future, signifying that it is possible to stop the Krang yet, and they together devise a plan.

The Turtles board the Technodrome as April, Splinter, and Casey fight Krang Two on the New York City streets. Leo locates Raph, while Mikey and Donnie try to seize control of the ship from Krang Three. Raph and Leo become engaged in combat while Donnie successfully subdues Krang Three with his newfound control of the Technodrome, driving it back into its portal. However, Mikey and Donnie are eventually captured by Krang One, but Leo connects with Raph and helps him break free from his zombie state before Leo is captured as well. About to become corrupted, Leo encourages Mikey and Donnie to continue to resist the Krang, allowing them all to tap back into their Hamato Ninpō. They initiate an attack on Krang One that quickly moves outside of the Technodrome.

April, Splinter, and Casey force Krang Two out of her Titan and defeat her. Casey then travels to Metro Tower to retrieve the Mystic Key and seal the Krang prison dimension.

Mikey and Donnie are thrown from the Technodrome during their battle against Krang One and Raph is sent to rescue them from their fall. They crash safely in Staten Island and with all his allies now unavailable to assist him against Krang One, Leo teleports Krang One along with himself back into the Krang prison dimension. He then orders Casey to immediately close it, causing the Technodrome to get stuck partway through the portal and halved. Leo is consequently left to endure Krang One's rage inside the Prison Dimension.

In Earth's dimension, Casey, April, and Splinter are racked with grief from Leo's loss, the same being true for Raph, Mikey, and Donnie on Staten Island. In a desperate effort to rescue Leo, Mikey struggles to use the great mystic powers Casey claimed he possessed. Mikey eventually forms a mystic portal into the Krang prison dimension with Raph and Donnie's aid. The Turtles successfully free Leo, leaving Krang One isolated in his prison dimension, sparing the Earth from global subjugation by the Krang.

Sometime later after New York City is reconstructed, Splinter, Casey, and the Mad Dogs enjoy pizza atop the Brooklyn Bridge, with Casey revealing that Cassandra Jones is his mother. Content, for the time being, they then all vow to be the city's protectors when the time calls for it.


On February 5th, 2019, Nickelodeon announced that it would be producing an original animated film based on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a Netflix release.[3] The movie was planned separately from the series.[4][5] Several of the movie's production crew members also worked on the Rise of the TMNT series.[6][7] The movie was written to be accessible to audiences unfamiliar with the Rise of the TMNT series.[8][9][10][11] Pre-production occured at Nickelodeon Animation Studio in California, the post-production sound services were at Boom Box Post in California, and color correction occurred at Warner Bros. Post Production Creative Services in California. The movie's animation was outsourced to Australian animation studio Flying Bark Productions, Top Draw Animation in the Philippines, Digitoonz Media & Entertainment in India, and Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc. in Canada.

Andy Suriano and Ant Ward spoke on the movie's production in the November 2022 Rise of the TMNT: The Movie TAAFI panel alongside Eric Bauza:

Ward: “So we were deep into story on season two. We had a season two and a season three story arc really solidly planned out. We got a nice, solid pick-up on season two.”

Suriano: “We had a pick-up on season three, too.”

Ward: “Oh, we did, yeah, we did. We had [emphasis added]. So we were well into production of season two, telling this overall story and it was a Saturday afternoon and we [Suriano and Ward] each got separately a phone call from our executive at the time saying, ‘Hey, Nickelodeon would love to do a Netflix movie of Rise,’ and we’re like, ‘Okay. Okay, cool.’ And there was a pause in there, she was like, ‘There’s one mandatory request.’ [We were] like, ‘Okay, what’s that?’ ‘It’s got to have something, while still being Rise, that is instantly recognizable to all previously established elements of the franchise.’ So we were like, ‘Okay. Cool.’ So then we were on the phone with each other back and forth.”

Suriano: "I was busy driving my way to Legoland with my family. We crafted it in a weekend . . . ."


Ward: “So, yeah, we at the time were really keen on telling a Casey story. Thought it would be really, really fun . . . if we told a story that was quintessentially the traditional Raph on the rooftop venting, seeing Casey whaling, instead of on thugs, but seeing Casey whaling on a mutant . . . and then Raph makes the wrong choice. And little unbeknownst to Raph, Casey was the good guy and the mutant was the bad guy. He [Raphael] thinks his people are being put down, he’s having none of it, and there’s a twist. And it was gonna be a dimension-traveling Casey and he was gonna be like Kurt Russel and grizzled and like, ‘Casey Jones…’ [emphasis added, in a deep, rough, menacing voice]”

Suriano: “It was like herald of Galactus-type.”

Ward: “Exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that was really, really fun and, you know, Nickelodeon was like, ‘Let’s age Casey down a bit,’ and things changed, but we were still in season two! And we were deep in season two so at the time, we were in a almost executive producing-consulting capacity where we would be meeting with the then-director and the then-story team and working stuff out. And then, they cut the episodes of season two in half and they said, ‘You got up to here to finish it.’ We’d already done all these episodes up to that point in time, storyboards, animatics ready to go, but we hadn’t told the family story that we wanted to tell: Splinter’s story. Rise is so much about Splinter.”

Suriano: “We had it from day one, I mean, us meeting at the Thai restaurant, breaking [down] the whole story. I mean, we had a three-season arc specifically Splinter. It was all about a redemption story about a father and his sons.”

Ward: “So we halted production on the six episodes that were in the pipe and we had a very limited scope so we grabbed all the team together and we said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna try something crazy. We’re gonna try to, from scratch, finish this story.’ And we did . . . .”


Ward: “And then, what was happening as well was fortuitously for Andy and myself, Nickelodeon opted to go in a different creative direction with the movie and dates aligned almost perfectly as we’d wrapped up pre-production on those six episodes so...”

Suriano: “Our peripheral involvement [with the movie] sort of became very…”

Ward: “Like, ‘Hang on a minute, we need to sit down with Ant and Andy to figure this out.’”

Suriano: “Yeah, we sort of steered that ship."

Ward: “The same thing happened again. The movie had been in production for a year, production completely stopped, and we went to a page one rewrite in January 2020.”

Suriano: “And we did everything over COVID, right? We were staying at home.”

Ward: “We had one [emphasis added] story break together in the writers' room.”

Suriano: “So we finished the series and almost the entirety of the movie over COVID.”


Suriano: “We chucked six episodes to do four [episodes] to finish up the series and then we took over this movie where we lost a year and we made it up somehow . . . The reason why was because we had our team. Our team came back, everyone showed up. Usually when you get the call that, ‘Hey, the season’s over or the series is done,’ everyone immediately goes out—they’re all talking on their phones to their agents or wherever being like, ‘Hey, I need a job tomorrow,’ but every single person stayed. Every single person on our team stayed. They wanted to finish this story, it was very personal and important to them and . . . it was very touching . . . ‘cause they really could’ve gone anywhere. They were getting pulled from Spider-Verse and—everybody wanted our team . . . we’re very humbled that they all chose to stay.”

Ward: “And also as they stayed and we started to reenter production on the movie, they were actually able to roll off the show through to the movie, which wouldn’t have been the case beforehand. It would’ve been a whole different board team and whole different everything.”

Bauza: “Can you imagine having to retrain an entire crew for the movie?”

Ward: "Rise is a weird beast, Eric. You either get it or you don’t and that’s kind of unfortunately where we were at December [2019] where it just wasn’t working. So, thankfully we were able to bring our team in.”

Suriano: “Right. And then, we were able to get Flying Bark back for less—it was about 40% of the movie?”

Ward: “About 40, yeah, yeah.”

Bauza: “And Flying Bark is the overseas animation studio?”

Suriano: “Yes. We grew up with them, right? We scaled up our departments both overseas and our local department to compensate. I guess we really balanced each other out. I think that's the most important thing, especially when you’re working for a service studio or wherever, I mean, every single bit is important, every single person, every single—we never treated anyone like pencil pusher or a numbers cruncher or whatever—from every studio to every member of our nucleus team was important and we all fed each other. We created a pipeline, a very specific pipeline like Ant said. Because the show and the series and the movie was so hard, we demanded a lot from each other and everyone we worked with, but we had to really collaborate and communicate with all members of all the studios involved because we had to assemble a pipeline that specifically worked for our production. And having lost a year, specifically we couldn’t waste…”

Ward: “We didn’t get the year back.”

Suriano: “Yeah, so we had to approach this feature almost from a TV production standpoint, being like, ‘It’s gotta get out. It’s gotta hit these dates. How are we gonna hit these dates?' and kind of go backwards . . . Very little room for error.”


Ward: "We had a big narrative issue because when we were originally pitching the movie, it was a dimension travel movie to get the bulky, rough Casey Jones because it was always the intention that the Rise Casey was always gonna be Cassandra for sure. So . . . as the dimension travel got maybe too complex for the younger audience and we turned it into time travel, we're like, 'Well, okay, we're not going back on Cassandra, but—'"

Suriano: "We dug our feet in, too, with that because they wanted to retcon it and we're just like, 'No, Cassandra is our Casey.'"

Ward: "She had her own story in the show and her growth."

Suriano: "And we really wedged that in. That was really important that we got some [emphasis added] scene in there..."

Ward: "To recognize her and that she wasn't retconned. [That] She was still in the universe, just kicking ass in her own way."

On January 12th, 2021, the first synopsis of the movie was released in a Deadline Netflix 2021 film slate article.[12][13]

On March 30th, 2021, the movie's release date was announced by Ward who posted it on Instagram but then quickly deleted it for unknown reasons.

The movie was set to be released summer 2021[14][12], but its 2022 release delay was announced on August 27th, 2021.[15][16] The movie finished production April 7th, 2022, announced by Suriano in an Instagram post[17], and its August 5th, 2022 release date was announced by Netflix on April 27th, 2022.[18][19] The release date announcement was teased by Jason McConnell and JJ Conway in a Tweet on April 26th, 2022.[20][21][22]

On June 30th, 2022, the first images of the movie were released by Netflix in a Netflix Family Summer 2022 promotion along with a pair of seconds-long movie clips and the movie's official logo.[23][24][25][26][27]

On July 6th, 2022, the movie trailer was released by the Netflix After School YouTube channel.[28][29][30]

On July 20th, 2022, twelve seconds of movie clips were released by the Netflix YouTube channel in a What to Watch August 2022 promotion.[31]

On August 3rd, 2022, the movie's prologue was released by the Netflix After School YouTube channel.[32]


  • Rise of the TMNT is the eighth Nicktoon to get an animated feature film. The first seven are Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Wild Thornberrys, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim, and The Loud House.
    • This also technically makes Rise of the TMNT the ninth Nicktoon to get an animated feature film, if one also counts Doug's 1st Movie, although it was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.
    • This will also be the fourth Nickelodeon animated film to be released on Netflix.
  • This is the fourth animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The first three were TMNT, Turtles Forever, and Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the first animated film not to be associated with WarnerMedia.
    • Turtles Forever, which was a TV movie, premiered on The CW, which is a joint venture of ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia (it also premiered on Nickelodeon at the same time).
  • It was stated in July 2022 by Rise of the TMNT staff writer Ron Corcillo in a Tweet that, "We were always told that the show was 'paused' and that it could be brought back if the movie did well. It's pretty rare for a show to come back after this long, but if it happened, it would be because the movie and series do well on Netflix. So keep watching and spread the word!"[33]
    • It was also revealed in July 2022 by writer Paul Cecchini in an io9 interview that, "if the film does well enough, Suriano and Ward would love an opportunity to continue building the Rise world with one of their other film ideas. Word has it they might have some ideas for the Rat King..."[10]
      • The film idea was elaborated on by Rise of the TMNT: The Movie co-directors Suriano and Ward in the November 2022 Rise of the TMNT: The Movie TAAFI panel, Suriano stating, "We had to go back on Monday to talk to the powers that be about our [movie] takes. We had two very distinctly different ones, both pretty great, but we decided to steer towards one. I mean, one was the Splinter Rat King movie . . . ." and Ward stating, "Yeah, we were going to do Splinter controlled by the Rat King and this really tragic the-brothers-up-against-their-father and it would have been maybe on the darker side, maybe didn't quite fit in the Rise canon of levity, but . . . ."[2]
  • The first trailer was recorded with a different voice actor than Rob Paulsen for Foot Lieutenant, likely as a placeholder/scratch. Paulsen does feature in the actual film.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles say their titular team name for the first time.
  • Raph's lightning bolt crack in his plastron is reminiscent of Raphael from the 2012 TV series.
  • It was revealed in August 2022 by Rise of the TMNT: The Movie director Suriano in a Tweet that Krang One's Technodrome throne is placed atop the skull of a Triceraton.[34][35]
  • The final battle against Krang One takes places inside the Technodrome over New York City as the Turtles try to return it to its dimension, similar to the climax of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.
  • April is shown studying journalism at college and works for the school's newspaper as a reporter, a nod to April O'Neil from the 1987 TV series being a Channel 6 reporter.
  • The mutant antagonist from an early iteration of the movie was elaborated on by Suriano and Ward in the November 2022 Rise of the TMNT: The Movie TAAFI panel, Ward stating, “So the mutant that Casey was fighting in the original, original, original was going to be Armaggon who was acting as almost like the Silver Surfer to Galactus where he’s the herald for the Krang . . . Andy had this great thing of, like, there’s nothing cooler than a space shark, right? A space shark in a giant suit? But what if the space shark in the suit’s actually a weeny, little shark?” And Suriano stating, “This is like exoskeleton as his space suit. This was the guy Raph was gonna see Casey beat up and if it was this giant mech, then that would be understandable, but if it’s this tiny, little sardine that was inside, it would be…” Ward also stated, “And there would be awesome moments as well, really brutal stuff. We feel for this character, you don’t understand if Casey’s on the good or the bad of this argument ‘cause you see him reach in and rip out this little dude. And Raph being Raph isn’t having any of it.”[2][36]
  • An Earth Protection Force agent resembling Agent Bishop can be seen as Krang Two is taken by the government.
  • When Casey states that people in the future are forced to eat rats to survive, Splinter claims to not to be offended, arguing that "[rats] are delicious". This may be a reference to the Mirage comics' City at War story arc, where Splinter was convinced by the Rat King to commit cannibalism by eating non-mutant rats to survive.
  • This is currently the second-highest rated TMNT at Rotten Tomatoes, above the 1990 film and below Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Leo's character animation by Rise of the TMNT assistant director and story artist Ashe Jacobson from "Battle Nexus: New York" is reused in Raph and Leo's lair dispute scene.[37]
  • When asked what influenced the more dramatic tone of Rise of the TMNT: The Movie compared to its series in the November 2022 Rise of the TMNT: The Movie TAAFI panel, Suriano stated, "We finally got to tell a long story. It was so nice and refreshing to be able to tell an actual arc that could last as long as the movie was, like, 80 minutes or so. 'Cause with TV you gotta wrap it up and usually, as sequential as our storytelling was in the series, a lot of it for TV is sort of one and done for advertising and repeatability and stuff like that." Ward stated in the same panel that the tone shift was also due to Netflix's request for the movie to be a cinematic experience.[2]
  • On April and Splinter's idea whiteboard for ways to destroy the Mystic Key, "black hole toaster" is listed, a reference to a cut episode of the series "Wedding Smashers", the episode's plot surrounding Raph and Mikey's recovery of said toaster.
  • The shot of Donnie during his line, "I am... a spaceship!" is a reference to a shot in Akira when Shima Tetsuo undergoes his mutation.[38]
  • There are three instances where Leo breaks the 4th Wall: When the Turtles chase Warren and Hypno and he interrupts Raph's plan (leaning on the split-screen), when they were headed towards Metro Tower after hearing that Donnie put a tracker on Raph (while questioning if he did or did not put trackers on him and Mikey as well, pushing the split-screen while being surprised) and in the climax of the film, after the Turtles regain their Hamato Ninpō, by saying, "If this isn't the poster shot, someone's getting fired". Oddly enough, two of these scenes were included in the film's trailer.
  • When asked what character they would have liked to have gotten more screen time in the movie in the November 2022 Rise of the TMNT: The Movie TAAFI panel, Bauza, Suriano, and Ward answered Splinter with Suriano stating, "No, I mean, 100%. We really wanted to put Splinter in there and it was really tough to split the time up. I mean, Draxum as well."[2]
  • The shot of Mikey fully forming a time gateway in the prologue is a reference to a shot of Piccolo in the "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" Dragon Ball Z opening.[39]
  • During the Krang invasion, the civilians who hide inside a café are (from left to right) Rise of the TMNT: The Movie production coordinator Nancy Ramirez, Rise of the TMNT: The Movie production coordinator Cindy Y. Avila, Rise of the TMNT: The Movie executive assistant Erik Steinman, and Rise of the TMNT: The Movie script coordinator Michael DeGrandis.[40][41]
  • It was sometime in the 11th century during Japan's Heian period a millennium ago that the four mystic warriors created the Mystic Key and banished the Krang to the Prison Dimension.
    • The two women depicted in the flashback sequence having their hair tied near their neck is indicative of belonging to the lower working class as Heian noblewomen tied their hair lower on their back.
    • One of the mystic warriors wears purple, purple dye being exclusively worn by Heian aristocracy. It wasn't until the Edo period that purple dye was permitted for commoner use.


  • When Mikey makes his first on-screen appearance in the prologue, he is missing the peace symbol sticker on his carapace.
  • While Mikey is opening the time gateway in the prologue, a chunk of his shell is missing.
  • After Leo removes his leg wraps in his bedroom and begins arguing with Raph, the wraps reappear and disappear before fully appearing again.
  • As Splinter turns away from the Turtles during Raph and Leo's lair dispute scene, there is a frame where instead of grey, Splinter's face is colored white.
  • April's leggings are missing in one shot of the Casey interrogation scene before he introduces himself to the family.
  • When Leo informs his family of Raph's abduction by the Krang, the cuffs of Splinter's haori are missing their yellow color in one shot.
  • When April questions how no attempt to destroy the Mystic Key has worked and she and Splinter turn, the back of Splinter's ears are colored pink instead of grey.
  • When April and Splinter hug Mikey and Donnie after freeing them from the Turtle Tank, April's lower lip is missing its color in one shot.
  • Post-losing her right eye, Krang Two is depicted with both eyes in one shot as her and her brothers prepare to deploy their Titans.


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2023 Annie Awards Outstanding Achievement for Character Design in an Animated Feature Production Ida Hem Nominated
2023 Golden Reel Awards Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Non-theatrical Animation Jeff Shiffman, Jessey Drake, Brad Meyer, Xinyue Yu, Carol Ma Winner
2023 Children's and Family Emmy Awards Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie Nominated
2023 Children's and Family Emmy Awards Outstanding Sound Editing and Sound Mixing for an Animated Program Jeff Shiffman, Jacob Cook, Jessey Drake, Brad Meyer, Xinyue Yu, Carol Ma Nominated
2023 Children's and Family Emmy Awards Individual Achievement in Animation Carl Anders Beu Winner

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