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Part 1:Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

[We begin somewhere from below the Foot Shack. The Recruit is telling Shredder about their mission.]

Recruit: Master Shredder. You have returned to us after 500 years the Foot clan can finally fulfill our mission and do your dark bidding.

[The Lieutenant and Brute stare at him.]

Lieutenant:Forget it kid. He's not moving unless we use this ring thing. Shredder obey me.

[As he said it, the eyes onn the helmet glow and slices the apple the Brute was holding in halves.]

Brute:Thanks Shreddy.

Recruit:[angrily] How dare you! The Shredder is our master. You will respect his darkness.

Brute:The one weekend we go apple picking and we miss the people of New York vanishing and the return of Shredder.

Lieutenant:Time for me to plot the clan's next move. Recruit, fetch me some peanut butter, the smooth stuff. Oh but mash up some peanuts and sprinkle them in, will you?


[The ring glows as the Shredder grabs both foot troops.]

Recruit:I found Shredder, I will decide our next move. And I say we remove this collar and bring him back to his full shredderness!

[Meanwhile in the lair.]

Draxum:Clever plan. No one would ever look for us in this disgusting sewer hovel.

Mikey:Home sweet home baby...

Splinter:I was a fool to trust Big Mama to dispose of the Shredder. Now he is back and threatens all of humanity.

April:Hey at least the people of New York are still safe inside the mystic orb.

Mikey: Why don't we let them out?

Splinter:No not with Shredder out there.

Leo:That's right. We don't want them to get shredded. Instead we should insert Raph's plan here.

Raph:Honestly, I don't know. We already hit him with everything we got so insert dad's plan here.

Splinter:I got nothing.

Donnie:But papa, you were trained from birth to protect the world from Shredder. Surely your mind must be filled with answers.

[Annoyed, Splinter swags his tail at Donnie.]

Splinter:Unfortunately I filled it with a lot of other stuff too. [lamenting] Why did I not listen to grandpa's Sho's painfully boring lessons on the secret of defeating Shredder?

Draxum:If you were there when he spoke then the answer is buried somewhere in your memories.

Splinter:Yes. But that would mean sending my sons to the most horrifying hideous place they have ever been.

Leo:Jersey? hahaha... Called that.

Splinter:No..My memories..

[Boys scream. We now cut to the next scene where Baron created a magic circle.]

Draxum:You will be transported into the rat's brain. Once inside, you will use the sands of time to move deeper into his memories.

April:This is safe right?

Draxum:Yes and no mostly no. Memories don't like to be tampered with and they may find a way to fight back.

Donnie:Okay once we're in, we need to find grandpa Sho and leave no memory unturned.

Splinter:What about the memories I want to keep private?

Draxum:Not my problem. Good luck!

[He slammed his fists to the circle and it started to glow. The Turtles and Splinter's eyes glow white and into the mind.]

[The turtles open their eyes and notice some sort of movie set.]

Donnie:Huh... Did it work? Are we in dad's memory?

Leo:Look look look! We're on the set of a jitsu movie!

[Boys squeal out with joy. There Yoshi comes around the corner.]

Mikey:Look, it's grandpa Sho.

[His grandfather Sho bangs on Yoshi's trailer door.]

Sho: Yoshi! This is your last chance. Enough of this silly player thing! You must come back to your family and fulfill your destiny.

Yoshi:I told you Jiji, I don't have time for that. Can't you see how important I've become? Somebody, bring me a donut on top of a pizza!

[He slams the door angrily at his grandfather.]

Sho:Goodbye Yoshi.

[Sho leaves sadly. From outside Splinter winces. In the dream world, the lights go off.]

Raph: Follow Grandpa Sho! He knows the secret to defeating Shredder. Where'd it go?

[The only stand there in the dark spotlight where a black version of Lou appears.]

Demon:Get out.


Leo:Ow. Should memory us be punchable?

Donnie:That's not papa. This must be what Draxum was talking about. Dad's subconscious is fighting back against invaders, like that movie.

[From outside, April checks on the wincing Donnie whose eye started to swell. She gets tissues to get the swells off]

April:[worried and concerned]What's happening to them?

Draxum:The rat's subconscious is rejecting them. I need to move them to another memory.

[He moves to the next one. The Turtles wake up seeing that they are falling. They all scream in fear as they fall. They crash into a room where a teenage Yoshi lies in his bed.]

MIkey:Whoa. It's human teenage dad!

Sho:Yoshi![hits him with the scrolls] You never listen to me!

Teen Yoshi:What was that? I wasn't listening?

Sho:I said you must complete your training so you can defeat the Shredder should he ever return. This is your duty just as it was your mother's.

Teen Yoshi: [furious] What? And waste my life like you and my mom did waiting for some made-up boogeyman from a jillion years ago? No way! I'm writing my own destiny gramps. I'm going to Hollywood Land to become a star!

[He throws his headphones in anger and leaves while Sho goes after him.]

Sho: Yoshi! The fate of the world may wonder....

Raph: Wow. Dad really beef this one we've got to follow show if we want the secret to defeating the Shredder.

[Something hit Leo. More demon versions of Lou appears.]

Donnie:[sarcastically] What do you know it's that evil manifestation of father again.

[They start attacking them. Meanwhile Foot Recruit is trying to remove the collar.]

Recruit:Stupid Mystic collar! Oof!

[She falls over right off the Shredder.]

Lieutenant:Still want to be in charge?

Recruit:Zero regrets!

[In the lair, the turtles strain in pain.]

MIkey:How are we supposed to get the secret from Grandpa Sho if Lou Jitsu keeps stalking us.

Raph:You guys keep them busy while I get close to Sho okay?


[Another memory of young Yoshi was on the bench with his grandfather and mother.]

Sho: Just before the giant mean teddy bear Shredder, destroyed the village, the greatest weapon in the history of the Hamato clan struck him in his cute fuzzy nose and sent them both to the Twilight realm where they lived happily ever after.

Raph:There's a weapon? That's it!

[Yoshi looked at the scrolls and then at his mom. She had a sad expression on her face.]

Atsuko:Yoshi, sweetie. Mommy has to go.

Young Yoshi: No mommy please stay.

Atsuko:My sweet boy I wish I could. But it is my duty to keep watch for the return of the Shredder.

Young Yoshi:But who hug me when i'm scared?

Atsuko:[in japanese]Anatawa hitori janai. [You are not alone....]

[Sad music plays. Atsuko hugs her son one last time. She starts to leave. Yoshi begged her to come back bug Show held him back.]

Young Yoshi: No! No, no, no! Mommy...Please stay....

[From the outside Splinter starts sobbing quietly.]

Raph:[sympathetically] Poor little guy. No wonder he turned his back on the Hamato clan.

Atsuko:One day, you will understand the sacrifice you must make as Hamato. Be good for your grandpa. He has much to teach you. I love you.. [she fades away]

[A giant version of Dark Lou appears and starts to attack them. From the outside they all started to get hit.]

April:Hey Lou!

[She hits him with her bat.]

April:So who wants to go home? Hey Draxum! Get us out of here!

[The Turtles are transported back into the real world.]

Donnie:And ow.

Splinter:What happened? And who put all these tears in my eyes?

Raph:Guys I know exactly what we need to do to defeat Shredder. Apparently, there's a weapon in the Twilight realm.

All:Raph! Raph! Raph!

Raph:So all we need to do is figure out what the Twilight realm is, where it is, how to get there, how to get out, how to use the weapon and probably some other stuff.

Draxum:I am familiar with the Twilight realm. I can help you retrieve the weapon.

All:Draxum Draxum Draxum!

Draxum:I have located the weapon on the edge of the vortex. You must breach the barrier and grab it.

Splinter:Hot soup!

Raph:Mad dogs, chain up!

[The gang form a chain]

Draxum:Hurry! If i don't close this soon, we'll all be swallowed up!

Splinter:I see something but I can't quite reach it.

Raph:Just a little bit further pops!

Splinter:Almost... Almost. [grabs sword] I got it! Pull me back!

[They pull it out of the portal and the sword unleashes someone.]

???: [angrily] You fools! What have you done?!

[Purple sparks engulfs the unknown woman and faints. From the dungeons, all the candles lit blue and the Foot are blown back. Eyes begin to glow from the helmet and Shredder comes back to life.]

Shredder: I am free! [evil laughter.]

Part 2:Shreddy or Not

Shredder: Finally free after all these centuries. Show me my Foot Clan.

Lieutenant: So it's just kind of the three of us at the moment..

Recruit:But we have the will of thousands! Tell us your bidding.

Shedder:To be truly unstoppable I must destroy the one who defeated me. Karai..She is near.

[He leaped out of the shack and started to go after her. We now cut back to the lair.]

Raph:You think this lady who passed out on the ground is all right?

Donnie:She seems fine.

Mikey:Guys, she needs our help.

[The woman slowly woke up.]

Splinter:Oh. Rest you are safe. This is the home of Hamato Yoshi.


Splinter:[annoyed] That is me, you dum dum.

Karai:Hamato Yoshi.. I am Hamato Karai..

Splinter:Oh my great great great great great great great great grandma?

Mikey:That means you're our great great great great ...

Karai:Please, I have just endured 500 years of misery.

Leo:Hey so Gram gram it is Gram gram right? We thought we were getting a weapon from the Twilight realm and not you?

Karai:I am the weapon. [flashback begins] Many generations ago, Oroku Saki was the leader of a peaceful clan called the Foot. For years, our clan prospered. But there was a great darkness on the horizon. The Foot were attacked. And driven the cocoon of destruction. With all seemed lost, Oroku Saki made a deal with a powerful oni. This demon offered him a suit of dark armor that would make him invincible but it came at a cost. The armor corrupted his soul giving birth to the Shredder, who led the Foot down a path of evil. I had no choice but to rise up against him, starting a clan of my own. The Hamato. No mortal weapon could defeat the Shredder so I resolved to make the ultimate sacrifice. Taking Shredder and myself into the Twilight realm. It was the only way to stop my father.

Leo:Hold up. Shredder is your dad?

Karai:Indeed he is. So long as I was in the Twilight realm, Shredder would never reach full strength.

Raph:So us bringing you back kind of ruined everything?

Karai:Yes it did. Thankfully you have been trained in the traditional Hamato Nimpo.

Splinter:Oh.. Uh..see uh what had happened was..

Karai: [dismayed] YOU HAVEN'T TRAINED THEM??!! Oh no...And now Shredder is terrorizing the citizens of this village.

April:Actually, the people of New York are safe in this orb. [notices something] Hey guys, was the crack in this thing always this big? Hey!

Draxum: People are leaking out. If we don't fix It, the whole city could fall victim to Shredder's wrath. O'Neil follow me!

Splinter:Karai I have failed to prepare my sons for this moment I humbly ask you to teach them how to defeat the Shredder.

Karai:I will. But first I must rest.

Splinter:Everybody out!


Mikey:I hang out with Gram gram!

Splinter:No! Gram Gram needs a quiet! [to Karai] Sorry,

Karai:It's all right. I'm pleased to meet my family. Although I am wondering why you are a rat and four turtles.

April:This leak is getting large!

[From the living Karai was resting while Donnie from behind appears and fake sneezes.]

Donnie:Oh I'm so sorry did I wake you? Well now that you're up, may I interest you in a full tea service?

Karai:What dark magic is this?

Donnie:Not magic, it's my tech.

Karai:Oh brilliant.

Donnie:Yes, the approval of a parental figure I'm so craved.

Leo:Hey Gram gram needs her sleep and to help her I shall read from my children's book "I love gram gram and gram gram loves me."

Raph:Hey Gram gram, how can a big guy be so nimble you asked? Classic a motto dedication.

Donnie:! was here first!

Leo:I haven't met an outside family before!

Raph:None of us have!

[While they argue, Mikey comes up and gave Karai a drawing.]

Mikey:Hey Gram gram, I painted a family portrait. I think it really captures our togetherness as a family.

Splinter:Boys! What are you doing? My apologies Gram gram. I am so sorry I never thought of my sons traditional Hamato discipline.

Karai:But you have taught them many other things like the importance of family. From where I sit Yoshi, you have made the clan proud.

Splinter:Thank you. So you think we have a chance against the Shredder?

Karai:Yes. With Hamato Ninpo, Our family's ancient technique that connects us to past generations. It gave me the strength to defeat the Shredder all those years ago. As long as they are Hamato, there is hope..

Raph:Can you teach how to tap nto this inner power?

Karai:Yes let us begin.[winces] He has found me.

[With terrible crash, Shredder appears.]

Shredder:Karai.. I could sense you were here. Now I will consume your Hamato essence and become truly invincible. Crush anyone who gets in my way.


Raph:Protect Gram Gram! She's our only chance to defeat Shredder.

[Battle begins.]

Leo:Gram gram, we gotta get you out of here.

Shredder:You will demand the Shredder's attention.[he breaks Mikey's fundo and Donnie's bo] You have it.

Draxum:Ah! It's no use. This crack can only be repaired by the most powerful magic.

[April uses some stick tape around the orb.]

Draxum:What is this sorcery?

Todd:Hi friends. I squeezed down and you didn't notice. Isn't that a funny story?

Splinter:I can't believe you're back with these Foot clowns. You could be so much more than that!

Recruit Casey:I am loyal to the foot and Master Shredder.

Draxum:Rat, what is this?

Splinter:We are on the siege!

Draxum:O'Neil get the orb to safety!

April:I got you New York.

[She evacuates the lair with the orb in her hands.]

Todd:We got this right guys?

Splinter:Could you please wait in the tank please?

Todd:You betcha!

[Todd does so. Meanwhile Leo and Karai enter Donnie's lab.]

Leo:Shelldon, need you to protect Gram gram.

Shelldon:Got it.

[Shelldon merges with Donnie's shell, he transforms into bulky full robot turtle body like Metalhead. Leo goes through the portal, but before he leaves, he hugs his grandmother, before smiling at Karai, who smiles him back. Leo enters the portal and realises to his horror, his home is engulfed in flames. Shredder confronts our hero. Leo fights the demon.]

Shredder:Enough of that! No more escape!

[Leo's oodachi breaks.]

Leo: My oodachi!

Shredder:Karai. No more hiding child.

Shelldon:Stay away from her! Booyakasha!

[Shelldon attacks him, but Shredder uses his weapons to explode the weapons, killing Shelldon. Shelldon is dead. The Demon then goes after Raph and Raph's tonfa breaks.]

Raph:My tonfas!

[Shredder is about to finish him off but Karai slices his arms, causing him to roar in pain. Karai saves Raph.]

Karai:Get away from my family..

Raph:She's tapping into her Ninpo thing.

Shredder:The Twilight realm has made you weak but it has made me strong! You have failed and now your power will be mine.

Karai:If my power is what you seek, have it!



[With Karai distracted her body was strucked by the explosion. Her body crashes to the ground.]

Karai: [in japanese] Anatawa hitori janai... [ [You are not alone....]

Leo: GRAM GRAM!!! [Raph grabs his brother]

Raph:No! The Hamato must live on! Everybody in the tank!

Splinter:What happened to Karai?

[Sad music plays...Raph clenches his fists and Splinter realizes that she is dead, drops to his knees, devastated. The explosion catches up with them.]

Splinter:Draxum, the boys they must escape.

Draxum:Get out of here! We will buy you time.

Raph:We're not leaving without you two!

Splinter:Raphael as long as there are Hamato, there is hope.

[Raph reluctantly agrees.]

Raph:Todd, get us out of here.

[The shellraiser drives off.]

Draxum:For the boys.

Splinter:For our boys.

[Demon charges at them as both fathers charge as well. All yell furiously as the lair collapses.]!!!!!!

Part 3:Anatawa Hitorijanai

[After the destruction of the lair, turtles recover at the turtle tank.]

Leo:[furious] How could you do that? How could you just drive away and leave them there?

Raph: it's what dad told us to do. If we stayed we would have gotten crushed by Shredder. As long as there are Hamato, there is a chance.

Mikey: A chance to do what?

Raph: I don't know I didn't get to ask him that! Don't worry I'm the big brother, the one who is the biggest. It's on me to figure out how to stop the Shredder.

Donnie:[angrily] How? We've got no weapons, no lair, no sensei.

Mikey:[sadly]And no gram gram. *gasping whimper*

Todd: I know what'll turn those frowns upside down.

Leo:[though tears] Do not say lemonade.

Todd: Okay.

Raph: All right I got this. All we need is a plan. One simple plan that'll save Dad, save Draxum, stop Shredder find April and prevent the destruction of all humanity.

Mikey: Yeah that should be easy.

Raph: Okay. I need some place where I can concentrate. A sanctuary free of all distractions to focus on the dire task at hand.

Todd: Welcome to the puppiest place on earth.

[Meanwhile at the destroyed lair.]

Shredder: Strange. Nothing's changed. I feel no different. Destroying Karai should have given me her power.

Brute: You were trying to harness the Hamato essence. Just try again with this guy.

Lieudentent: You need him alive. Master Shredder, if I may, let's consult the foot training video.

[He takes out the phone and plays the video. This video shows Lieutendant and Brute in summer clothes.]

Liedentent:[on recording] Welcome to the Foot clan dudes. Are you ready to have a tubular time surveying the Shredder?

Lieutenant: So sorry we should fast forward. [he fast forwards the video]Here we go.

[Now the video contains them wearing science lab coats.]

Brute:[on recording]Congratulations, you have caught yourself a Hamato.

Lieutenant:[on recording]Step one in order to extract the essence, you will need the ancient mystic compound known as Empyrian. this very rare and very valuable..

Shredder: Where do I find this Substance?

Draxum: I've got the Empyrian.

Splinter: Draxum! I cannot believe you are doing this you turned out..

Draxum: You knew this day was coming rat. He hates me. I hate him. It's kind of our thing and now I win.

Shredder: Where is the Empyrian?

Draxum: Down there in the Hidden City.

Mikey: Raph's thinking really hard. I'm worried he's gonna hurt himself.

Raph:I can hear you.

Leo: Maybe we should try what Gram gram did, And unlock our what did she call it..

Raph: The Hamato Ninpo, That's it! Our family's ancient ninja art that allows you to harness some crazy mystic energy.

Donnie: But we need weapons for that he said correctly and his family all agreed.

Raph:Weapons! Let's do those!

Todd: I can make you some in my forge.

[Todd gets to work making weapons. and so he passed them out.]

Todd: All done!

Raph: This is exactly what we need.

Mikey: Omigosh! Omigosh!

[Todd opens the blanks revealing four gardening tools. Two shovels, hoe, small rakes and rope.]

Mikey: Todd, these are gardening tools.

Todd: Exactly. Historically speaking the ninjas of ancient Japan used gardening tools as their first weapons but of course you guys knew that right? You're ninjas.

[Raph slams his head on table in dismay. Meanwhile, April appears at the broken lair. All was dead and silent. She soon hears moans.]

April: Guys, I'm coming! [she slowly pulls out the rubble out to see a wounded Karai] Karai!

Karai: Stop, we don't have much time.

April: No no. I gotta help you, take you to a hospital..

Karai: I will not be able to finish this journey. Now you must teach the family...

April: How can I? I'm not... I'm not one of you!

Karai: Oh my child...[music begins to play in a soft melody] You have always been one of us...

[Karai slowly dies as her spirit enters April's body. April's clothes started to change. Karai's spirit fades and all that remains was the drawing Mikey drew....]

Karai's Spirit: Find them. Find our family..

Raph: Great idea Raph, these are great. Great weapons. Let's see what these babies can do! Nothing I'm doing is working!!

April: Guys! Guys guys guys guys guys!

Leo: April?

April: Oh my gosh! You won't believe what happened. I went to the lair which is totally destroyed and found Karai and she turned into light and now I hear her voice inside my head!

Donnie: Wanna say that one more time?

April: Karai. She did a Hamato glowy light thing and now I think she lives inside of me?

Leo: Gram Gram's alive?

Mikey: Gram gram, it's Mikey I miss you!

April:[pushing Mikey away] Gram gram would like you to let go and never do that again.

Raph: Okay new plan. Gram gram tells April to tell us what to do. Please instruct us April Gram Gram sensei.

April: She wants me to teach you the art of pinpo.


April: Ninpo.

Leo: Hey April cool if you don't, but do you still have that orb with all the people of New York in it?

April: Safe and sound.. Whoa![she nearly drops the orb] Safe and sound.

[We cut to the forest]

April: Karai says to access your inner power you have to stay calm and feel connected to one another.

Leo:Not feeling too calm up here!

Donnie: How can I feel connected when there's no wi-fi?

Mikey: Should we hold hands? Ouch.

April: No, you know like connected in here. When you first open it it'll feel like wow and then it'll feel like oh, You know?

Donnie: [irritated] No I don't know that makes zero sense explain it differently!

April: This is my first time having a weird ghost spirit lady in my head!

Donnie: You sure Karai told you to do this?

April: You can't just...

[They continue to argue and Raph started to break. The visions of his head echo.]

Raph: WILL YOU GUYS KNOCK IT OFF!! We're running out of time! Everyone's depending on me.

[The boys and April stared at him. Tears started to leak though his eyes as he begins to cry.]

Raph:[heartbroken] Why can't I do this..? I'm failing you.

April: Relax big guy, what's going on?

Raph: It's on me to get the team ready to save dad and fight the Shredder but I don't know how.

[April gently touches Raph's hand. "Anatawa Hitorijanai." is heard as Raph opens his eyes and saw Karai's blue spirit.]

Raph: Gram gram?[crying happily while hugs Karai]Oh.. That phrase you just said what does that mean? I heard Splinter's mom say that to him in one of his memories.

Karai's Spirit: It means you are not alone. Hamato Ninpo that does not come from you alone. It comes from all who came before you. From your family. You have to trust your family.

April: It's not all on you Raph. We're here for each other. Trust that.

Raph:I do trust my family.

April: No. Trust us the way we trust you. Remember the first time you unlocked your power?

[A memory of "Bug busters" is shown.]

Raph:I caught Leo when he fell.

April: Trust us.

[The other turtles stand up.]

Mikey: Raph. it's gonna be okay. You'll figure this out.

Raph:I know. Because I'm not alone. None of us are. We're here for each other always...

[The three turtles watch knowing something Raph was about to do..]

Donnie: Raph?

[Slowly, Raph leans backwards, falling to the cliff. Those familiar words again in Japanese spoke. And a small glow from the blackness started to glow getting brighter and brighter. A hearbeat can be heard. The other brothers jump after him, screaming at the top of their lungs.]

Leo, Donnie Mikey: RAAAAAAAAPHHHHHH!!!!!

[Then it happened...Something magical transformed them. Ninpo warrior form. Their markings on their body glow in the gorgeous light and their Hamato sign appears on their chest. Their clothing becoming black as night. Their bandana tails grew long.]

All: Saving like a Boss!

[They formed a hand and Raph notice this. He grabs their hand and join in the transformation. They land into the water, revealing their forms.]

Todd: Don't you guys have to save your family?

Raph: Yeah and take out the Shredder.

[From below the Hidden City.]

Shredder: Fetch me the empyrian. It's time to harness the Hamato's energy.

Splinter: Draxum, don't do this.

Draxum: Quiet. You remember this. place don't you? It's where I turned you into what you are today. A lowly lab rat. Where I tried to create an army to protect the yokai but now I realize the true threat to my people mentioned in the prophecy was You!

[Draxum summoned his Golem. Shredder destroys the entire lab. Splinter rescues Recruit Casey while the Lieutendent and Brute got caught in the rubble.]

Splinter: I'm sorry I doubted you.

Draxum: You better be.

[The Shredder grabs them and takes them deeper into the Hidden City.]

Raph: Looks like Shredder took pops and dragged him to the Hidden City but how do we find them?

Donnie: There's only one person I can think of who can pull this off. Someone super intelligent, someone who knows everything about the Hidden City, someone who would do anything for papa..

All: Big Mama..

Donnie: Big Mama? Come on!

Part 4:Rise

Shredder:No one betrays Shredder! Where is the empyrian?

Draxum:Stop it! You know life was a lot easier when I didn't like your family. I will take you to the source. No tricks.

Shredder:Hamato. Your essence will soon be mine and then I will be unstoppable.

[Cuts to the Foot. The Foot Recruit was shock to see her Foot friends caught.]


Brute:We're trapped!

Recruit:[trying to get the other Foot out of the rubble] Master Shredder, our comrades are injured.

Shredder:Forget them, you are my new general now. Come.

[The young recruit abandons them. Somewhere in the Hidden City, Big Mama is recovering from injuries sustained by Shredder from the last episode.]

Big Mama:Shadow Fiend, is that you?

Raph:Hey, Big Mama no need to get up.

Big Mama:[not pleased] Oh it's you....

Raph:Relax. We're not here to fight, we need your help.

Leo:Even though literally every time we talk to you, you double-cross us, kidnap us or threaten to destroy everything we love!

Donnie:Maybe we are here for a fight!

Raph:Guys! Please Big Mama, Shredder's got dad.

Big Mama:Lou.. How can I help?

April:We need to find them.

[Karai's spirit appears].

Karai's Spirit:Shredder seeks to extract Hamato Yoshi's essence like he tried with me.

Big Mama:Extracting a life force? To do that he would need to harness the very source of yokai power..Emperium.

Raph:Then that's where they're headed. Where do we find this Emperium stuff?

Big Mama:You can only find that in the most sacred place in all of the Hidden City... the Crying Titan.

Shredder:General, prepare the ritual now!

[The young recruit starts the ritural. She had that worried expression on her face]

Splinter:Having doubts young one?

Recruit:i am having zero doubts. I am a general now it's everything, I have ever wanted and it's perfect.

Splinter:Really? Sometimes we make choices that take us in the wrong direction. I was once on a different path. Sure you get fame, wealth and your photo on the cover of belt buckle magazine but then you think of the people you left behind. Luckily, it is never too late to change your path.

Shredder:Yes the empyrium is mine. With this I will extract the Hamato's essence, and then no one will ever defeat me again!

Draxum:Stop this!

Shredder:Your usefulness has come to an end!

Raph:Hey Shredhead we heard you were looking for some Hamato energy. Guys?

Leo:Oh I think I got some for him. [the shovels turn into swords]

April:That's right it's us and we've had a bit of an upgrade.

Mikey:Big time! [The rope turns into nunchucks and Donnie's tool changes into a bo.]

Donnie:And this time around....

Raph:We won't loose, [the rake becomes sais]

Donnie:My drill is out of beta.

Raph:Donnie nice. Now put it in action.

Donnie:I did. It's just for hero poses.


Shredder: Guard the Hamato. No one stops the ritual. Fools, your clan is doomed.

Donnie:You haven't met a motto two-pointer..




April:Let's get it boys..

[the final boss begins]

Leo:Check this out! All right you're up big brother.

Raph: Not me. Wrong wrong again.


Shredder:Karai... You survived?

Karai:Yes. But you are not!

Mikey:Cowabunga! And we just keep coming! Dr Delicate Touch! You in D!

Shredder: You think your mystic weapon can harm me?

Donnie:Great point. everything can be improved by some...Donnie tag!

Mikey:We beat the Shredder. Wait. We did right?


Shredder:Enough. [he blasted them away] With this power the world will kneel before me.

[Recruit finally hasn't got a choice so she attacked him. Her weapons becomes a hockey stick.]

Shredder:You dare defy me general?

Recruit:The name Cassandra. Cassandra Jones!

Shredder:NOO!! You will pay for that!

Donnie:We got you dad.

Splinter:My family. Thank you Cassandra.

Recruit:My friends call me Casey.

Splinter:Come together, If we don't stop him, he will destroy humanity.

Leo:It's eight on one. How is this not working?

Splinter:Must protect my family! Join your mystic powers!

Shredder:You think you can pierce my armor? You are no match for the Shredder!

Raph:Mad dogs, give it all you got!


Splinter:Oh no it is not enough. I have failed.

Leo:No dad we can do this. You may not have taught us everything.

MIkey:But you did teach us the most important thing.

Donnie:Be there for each other.

Raph:Remember what your mom said to you that day at the park. You are not alone!

Splinter:My sons I....


Splinter:Mom you're here.

Atsuko:I have always been here.

[More of the ancestors appear.]

Hamato Clan Ancestors:We all have.

Raph:Alright, looks like we got some backup!

[They all ready to defeat the Shredder!]



[Shredder is destroyed once and for all and Oroku Saki returns. Karai leaves April's body.]

Saki:My daughter..

Karai:Thank you my young Hamatos. We will always be with you.

[All the Hamato Spirits fade away into the night.]

Raph:We did it, pops.

Splinter:Yes we did. Let us go home my family.

April:One last thing, Hey Barry, gonna crack this egg and bring home the people of New York City

[With the people finally free. The entire world is at peace.]

Splinter:My family, I am proud of each and every one of you. You are no longer children, you are true heroes. It wouldn't surprise me if someday someone made a movie about you. Oh and blue, you are the leader now.

Leo:Wait what?

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