Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
Season Code: 104
Episode: 13B
Original airdate August 7, 2020 (Nickelodeon)
August 28, 2020 (YTV)
Written by Josh Riley Brown
Ian Busch
Russ Carney
Ron Corcillo
Tony Gama-Lobo
Dale Malinowski
Supervising Producer Alan Wan
Producers: Ant Ward
Directed by Kevin Molina-Ortiz
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Storyboard Artist: Jake Castorena
Alicia Chan
Max Collins
JJ Conway
Morgan Hillebrand
Cassey Kuo
Sebastian Montes
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"Anatawa Hitorijanai" "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie"

"Rise" is the twenty-fourth episode (Episode 13B) of the second season of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the seventieth episode overall in the series, and is also the series finale. It first aired on August 7th, 2020.


With turtles find their ninpo, they must defeat Shredder, preventing him from destroy the world.

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Minor characters




The fourth and the final part of the Finale starts off with Draxum was being attacked by Shredder for betraying him in the last episode. Draxum then tells him he will take him to the location to get empyrean. The Foot Recruit is then forced to leave behind Foot Brute and Lieutenant behind.

Meanwhile with Big Mama, who is recovering from injuries sustained by the Shredder in the last episode, the turtles come and ask her for help. She then tells the Turtles where to find Shredder. She also said that Shredder is seeking to extract Hamato Yoshi's essence like he tried from her, and said taht the only thing to find him is at a sacred place in Hidden City, the Crying Titan.

Shredder then demands the Foor Recruit to start the ritual, splinter then ask Cassandra if she if having doubts about her choice. Splinter then tells the Foot Recruit "Is it never to late to change your path". Shredder then breaks open a kraang ship revealing a kraing skeleton and absorbs some Empyrean. Shredder then starts the ritual and try's to kill Draxum. Raph then throw's his gardening tool at Shredder to save Draxum. The turtles then turn their gardening tools into their classic weapons, the twin katana, nunchucks, sais, and a normal bo staff. Donnie then takes his drill out of beta and the turtles, April and Shredder start their final battle.

Shredder then knocks the turtles and April of the giant hand and starts absorbing Splinter's hamato essence. The Foot Recruit, having a change of heart, stabs Shredders arm and saves Splinter's life, in the prosses she bent her naginata into a hockey stick, she then reveals her name Cassandra Jones. She then starts breaking the chains off of Splinter's hamato essence, Shredder tries to attack but Splinter defends her, the turtles and April return to break the rest of the chains off of Splinter's hamato essence.

The turtles, April, Draxum, and Cassandra then attack Shredder together and Splinter uses him hamato ninpo and his sons mystic powers against Shredder. This forces Shredder to activate his ultimate form, Splinter then thinks he failed everyone but Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey tell him that he is not alone. The spirits of Hamato Atsuko and the Hamato Clan appears to help Splinter and the turtles to finish Shredder and win. Shredder's armor is burnt and crisp and was destroyed freeing him. Karai then leaves April's body and reunite with her father, she then tells them they will always be with them, before she, along with her father and ghosts disappeared.

With peace finally furfilled, they return to New York and Draxum releases all of they people in New York City. Splinter tells his family that he is proud of all of them and they have become true heroes. He also says that it wouldn't surprise him if someone made a movie about them, he then makes Leo the leader of the team. This shocks and freaks everyone out, ending the episode and series.


"Hot Soup!"


  • The Foot Recruit is revealed to be this series' incarnation of Casey Jones.
  • The episode reveals this version of Kraang.




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