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Upstate New York




"Fish Face", "The Sewage"


Terrorpin and Ocenee

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Mirage Studios

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TMNT Volume 2, #4

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S.R. Bissette

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Rihana is a Merperson from the second volume of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage comic series who would later return in the story The Cure in the second volume of Tales of the TMNT. She was last remaining female of the Merpeople, and lived in an undisclosed part of the sewers of New York. Her only companions were the Terrorpin, who acted as her protector and makeshift steed, and her young baby Ocenee.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Volume 2

Rihana had been living the sewers for an unknown amount of time protecting her eggs with the aid of Terrorpin, her first encounter with another living soul occurred when Leonardo who was seeking new refuge for his family, had accidentally invaded Rihana's home and nest. As her people were nearly extinct, the protection of her unborn child became her number-one priority.

Ad for TMNT volume 2, issue 5 featuring the Terrorpin.

Leonardo's sudden appearance had represented questions with little time for communication or answers on both sides. Knocked unconscious and embedded into the wall, Leonardo was nearly fed to Rihana’s gigantic turtle companion, the Terrorpin. Leonardo managed to subdue the creature, ultimately discovering the Terrorpin’s lair, as well as an egg within it. Both the Terrorpin and Rihana were slain in the end, though Rihana managed to protect the Terrorpin’s egg (TMNT Vol. 2, #4 & 5).

Tales of the TMNT, Volume 2

However, it was revealed that Rihana is no ordinary creature herself, having as many mysteries surrounding her origins as those of her mighty steed. Ancient healing arts and mysticism are two among several questionable properties surrounding her nature. An entity in her own right, she could slowly and enigmatically heal herself. She would also help cure her dear friend, the Terrorpin, after the ordeal with the Ninja Turtle leader. She somehow restored the Terrorpin's left eye which Leo had sliced out in defense.

Leaving the system, the ruins and the rubble The Sewage recalled the invader and primitive mark and rendering of an angry Leonardo that had destroyed her home. She left the drawing on a near collapsed of the wreckage. Forever burned in her memory and swimming in her soul is the 'THREAT'. Leonardo threatened to destroy her egg...her unborn had she not halted her approach during their tussle. After all, He was invading HER nest! But it was, however, time to move on. With her beast's dwindled eyesight returned, a new journey North to cleaner, safer ground was upon the duo. Rihana's exhaustive search would lead deeper underground where no human or mutant had ever trekked. A foolish school of Ophthalmosaurus creatures also sought to make a short meal of Rihana during the journey, but with the Terrorpin's help, the beasts were fended off. He handled the underwater menaces with the same, swift, indomitable jaws that almost devoured Leonardo's person. When the threat was abated, Rihana and her heavy-footed companion made it to the refuge of the higher caves. Finally, her egg hatched into a beautiful baby fish creature known as Ocenee, giving a tiny amount of hope to the survival of a lost people. The small family headed into the even higher, wooded mountains of the great North. Far away from humanity, and even Further away from the angry Mutant. Mysteries abound surrounding the origin of the giant Snapper; mysteries that have possibly been forgotten by the 'Fearless Leader' of the TMNT. Little does Leonardo know that he has not been lucky enough to be forgotten. Future confrontations with the Fish creatures and the massive Snapping Turtle may prove potentially hazardous, as Leonardo is now considered a threat and enemy by Rihana.


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