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Emissary Ribky was an Utrom who played an important role in the Ninja Turtles' origin.


Ribky was the driver of the truck carrying the mutagen on that fateful day in which a canister was dislodged and fell into the sewer. The Turtles' Origin is Told After the Utroms became acquainted with the Turtles, Ribky became aware that he was responsible for their and Splinter's mutations.

Many years later, Ribky led a trio of Utroms that approached the Turtles to help them on a mission. Leatherhead had been captured by an Utrom religious cult, The Illuminated, who were cloning him to create an army in which they would systematically destroy all species in the universe that they deemed "violent" in order to preserve peace.

The Turtles arrived at The Illuminated's facility and freed Leatherhead, but then they unexpectedly saw Ribky being held hostage by The Illuminated's Brother Ildak. Ildak releases the Illuminated's "Replicants". Leatherhead and the Turtles fight Ildak and the Replicants, and Ribky's exosuit is damaged. Michelangelo offers to carry Ribky to safety before their bomb detonates, but the elderly Utrom then reveals that he is the bomb. The plan was to get himself captured, as he was too alluring of a hostage for The Illuminated to resist. After Leatherhead and the Turtles were clear, Ribky would detonate, taking The Illuminated and Replicants with him.

Once the mutants were safe, Ribky was detonated and the facility was destroyed. The Turtles were then informed by the other Utroms that Ribky was the very driver of the truck carrying the mutagen way back in 1970, and also had a hand in Leatherhead's mutation. He thought of the Turtles, Splinter, and Leatherhead as his "children" and wished to see them one last time and ensure their safety before his life was given to the mission. Attack of the Replicants

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