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Repo Mantis
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Repo Mantis


Bug Man


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Repo man

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Mutant mantis


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Repo Mantis is a mutant praying mantis who operates Repo Mantis Salvage, a salvage yard business in New York City. He becomes an enemy of the Turtles.


At some point prior to the episode "Repo Mantis", the person who would become Repo Mantis was presumably bitten by an Oozesquito and turned into a mutant praying mantis. Interestingly, his mutation did not seem to affect his life or business, as he still manages to find work and operate his salvage yard.

He encountered Donatello and Michelangelo when the two Turtles were going through wrecked cars in his salvage yard. They were immediately enamored by the Jupiter Jim Moon Buggy that he had obtained, but they did not have the funds to purchase it. He offered them a deal: if they repossessed a recreational vehicle in another mutant's possession, he would give them the Moon Buggy.

However, he reneged on the deal upon their return, having decided that the Moon Buggy was too valuable to sell because Jupiter Jim fans would pay to take photos in the vehicle. When the Turtles angrily confronted him, Repo physically attacked Donnie, but was immobilized by Mikey using a large electromagnet, enabling the brothers to abscond with the Moon Buggy. Upon freeing himself, Repo climbed into his tow truck and chased the two Turtles through the streets of New York. During the climax of their vehicular skirmish, Repo was zapped by the Moon Buggy's bug zapper.

Physical Appearance

Repo Mantis is a mutant praying mantis with bright purple skin, long arms with jagged shoulders and forearms, and two antennae on his head. He also has bright green eyes, black hair with a grey streak (styled in a pompadour comb-over), and jagged teeth. Repo Mantis wears a white tank top, a dark blue vest, and a black belt with spikes and a "V" engraved on its buckle.


  • “I’m about to repo your lives.”- The Evil League of Mutants


Repo Mantis is a very greedy owner. He cares about making money by repossessing vehicles that haven't been paid by the owners. He has a tendency of not keeping promises as seen when he changes his mind after Mikey and Donnie brought back the RV from Todd. Wanting to make some money out of the Jupiter Jim Moon Buggy despite promising the two turtles that they can have it if they get the RV. Despite his tough appearance, he does has a soft spot for cats as seen when he was cuddling with Mrs. Nubbins before its mutation in "One Man's Junk".


He can use his sharp mantis claws to slice enemies whenever he pleases and can swing metal rocks when he struck with his claws and gained the ability to jump higher.



  • Donatello: Repo Mantis offered Donatello the Jupiter Jim Moon Buggy in exchange for some repo work, but reneged on the deal. Donatello responded by taking the Moon Buggy, which Repo Mantis chased through the streets.
  • Michelangelo: Michelangelo trapped Repo Mantis with his own electromagnet, and used the Moon Buggy's weapons against the mutant mantis when he pursued the Turtles.


  • Repo Mantis has a secret soft spot for cats.



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