Reparin' the Baron
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
Repairin' the Baron titlecard
Season Code: 060
Episode: 4B
Original airdate April 24, 2020
Written by Russ Carney
Ron Corcillo
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Alan Wan
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Storyboard Artist: Alicia Chan
Max Collins
Episode chronology
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"Breaking Purple" "Air Turtle"

"Repairin' the Baron" is the seventh episode of the second season (Episode 4B) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the fifty-third episode overall in the series. It first aired on April 24th, 2020.


Mikey embarks on his craziest mission: trying to get Draxum to tolerate humans.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode begins with the Councilors talking to Garm and Freki. They are furious at Baron Draxum for everything he has done. Though Garm and Freki worked with Draxum, the Councilors will forgive them for their actions. They order them to capture Baron Draxum and bring him here in order to start a trial.

At April's apartment, Raph is fixing the ceiling fan. A loud noise caused the ceiling fan to fall on Raph. April complains about her new upstairs neighbor so Raph and April decides to have a talk with the neighbor. However, they found out that Baron Draxum is the upstairs neighbor which causes Raph to fight him. Mikey, wearing a dinosaur costume, stops the fight. Raph asks why Mikey and Baron Draxum is here in which the latter responds that he is helping Draxum by giving him a second chance.

After Leo, Donnie and Splinter arrived, they have an awkward dinner. Splinter starts to complain which Mikey tells him to stop. Baron Draxum then starts to complain about the humans. Mikey takes out tickets to go to Albertoland. After asking if anyone wants to come with him and Baron Draxum, he raises Raph's hand much to Raph's shock.

At the Albeartoland, Draxum is annoyed by kid is always kicking his leg, with Mikey explains about the kids behaviour and they arrived at the bumpy ride.

Moments later, Guardsmen, Garm and Freki, arrived to arrest Baron Draxum, as Draxum escaped while Raph and Mikey hold them off.

The weapons of two guardsmen knock the carousel, which there is mother and daughter, Draxum goes to save them, with his mask is destroyed. Mikey, Raph and Baron defeated them.

Turtles find the job for Draxum.

Draxum works at the cafeteria of April's school, much to April's discomfort, ending the episode.


  • April: Now, don’t make a scene. You’re not gonna make a scene. You gonna make a scene? Don’t make a scene.

  • Baron Draxum: I told you Carol, I do not want to meet your daughter!

  • Mikey: That’s right, Dr. Positive. The one who’s going to turn you from bad guy, to glad guy! From sad heap, to happy sheep! From devil, to A-level, baby!

  • Splinter: Well I figured the guy who turned me into a rat, could just mutate the potatoes into cream corn!
  • Baron Draxum: But why? You are fools! You put sunglasses on your dogs, you take pictures of your food, and do not get me started on Carol!

  • Baron Draxum: Stop kicking me! Where is your mother? I’ll have her fed to wolves.

  • Mikey: Dr. Positive is becoming Dr. Slightly-Disappointed.


  • It's revealed that April's mother is named Carol.




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