Shredder blowing up the Channel 6 building in Get Shredder!.

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The Red Sky seasons or Red Sky years is a popular term referring to seasons 8–10 of the 1987 animated television series. During these seasons, the tone of the series changed. At the time, the 1992 animated Batman series and its darker tone had began to influence action-adventure cartoons.


As the animation had changed, the skies of New York City looked reddish rather than blue in many episodes. A lot of the direct-action also returned, and the storyline became darker. The humor was also reduced, and many of the supporting characters were gradually written out of the series.

At the beginning of season 8, Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady remained on Earth while the Technodrome was trapped in Dimension X.

The season 8 premiere, Get Shredder!, also saw Shredder blowing up the Channel 6 building, while Splinter managed to rescue those inside.

During season 9, Dregg became the main villain of the series. Season 9 also saw the Turtles undergoing Unstable Mutations.


The changes were met with different reactions from fans.

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